Check your horoscope for February 2018

Written by Daisy

A month that makes room for initiative and offers us to engage and dig into the subjects that concern us but does not shelter us from excess of zeal or confidence that could, if we abuse our rights too much, be harmful and put others up against us and our interests. A month to tackle the most consciously so as to anchor our recent success and avoid slip ups.

Let's try to exploit and express our talents without sinking into vanity and then compromise our popularity and the realization of current projects!

It will soon be a month and a half since Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn, where Pluto has been parked up for more than eight years. The encounter between two titans promises us great upheaval. In fact, Saturn (representing time) and Pluto, the lord of darkness, are making their way through the sign of sobriety and detachment. So what should society expect or give up in social terms? Saturn will be in his home sign and certainly enable us to limit the damage, but we can bet that, under the thrust of Pluto, the 'Great Dispenser of Justice', Man is going to have to rethink his way of life and thought. Pluto will touch on material wealth, money and integrity, while Saturn will hold back, restrict and sign off religion. In his home sign of Capricorn, he will express himself to the full. This will be easy to read: the time for moving forward and calling time on things will have arrived. We will need to appease violence in society, which is laid back about the future and inclined towards intolerance. This February could impose days of reflection and retreating into ourselves. We must make the most of the opportunity provided by the stars to gain awareness of our own needs, in relation to our planet and our fellow-humans. In individual terms, this encounter will be felt with regard to the positioning of these two planets at birth, but the combining of forces of these celestial giants will give everyone a second chance. Saturn and Pluto will especially cause problems in that the events they create will neither be accepted nor integrated. Uranus in the sign of Aries will be completely in accord with change and we will need to 'hang on' to the positive energy of the planet Mars in the sign of Aries. which will symbolise a spring-like urge, even in winter. We will therefore be 'up against the wall' (Saturn: stone), which will stop us in our tracks. We will need to overcome the obstacles standing before us and find a way to get round them. Like Orpheus who returned from the Underworld, we mustn't go back over the past. We can bet that in February 2018, we will advance fearlessly towards the future, whatever it may be.

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