Aries's horoscope for February 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Other Priorities
In February, your intention will be to seduce in society rather than devote yourself exclusively to your loves. You seem ready to do anything to defend your interests and your right to recognition on the professional side. You'll know what to say and what to do to entice everyone and get attention but you can count on your feelings in situations and with people to stay fair, mark minds, and hearts in passing. Also count on Jupiter to boost your popularity, it will encourage and support your efforts by promoting your success.

1st decan (March 21st - April 1st): Not Very Worried
You will probably be more mobilized externally than internally. You will exercise your charm on your entourage to maintain your image and take care of your reputation. Between the 3rd and the 12th, do not hesitate to come out of your shell to reinforce your influence on your colleagues and your hierarchy. Certainly, you will hardly be present at home, but if you explain to your close ones that you work for the good of everyone, you will not attract any criticism and you will be able to use your seduction without attracting the wrath of anyone too. Note that from the 18th, you will be well inspired to take a moment away from the sounds of the world to quietly, but effectively, tighten your nets.

In a Relationship, not much to say except that you will probably not make sparks this month in love. You will be much too absorbed by other conquests and the improvement of your finances, which will be your main objective.

Single, you'll have something else in mind other than flirting in February. You will be especially focused on your financial goals that will not leave you free to devote yourself to a quest for love. However, bet on Venus (between the 3rd and 12th) to seduce at work. You could attract the gaze and attention of your hierarchy.

2nd decan (April 2nd - April 11th): Important Responsibilities
You will use an undeniable charm in February (between the 12th and 21st) to mark minds and influence the world that surrounds you to your advantage. Available and listening you will want to be unanimous in your team or with your hierarchy and you may abandon your family and your loves. You act and seduce to strengthen your social position and watch your back. Explain to your loved ones that your initiatives and lack of presence are intended to anchor your reputation and keep your clan safe, even if no one doubts your good faith.

In a Relationship, Saturn forces you to work hard to convince. You use your charm wisely (the 17th and 18th) to inspire confidence in your boss and boast about your merits. Your partner will have to wait a little before becoming your priority but, aware of your true intentions, they will not be angry at you.

Single, you will have better things to do than looking for a soulmate in February, you will often be held back at work. It's time to prove that you are reliable and can be counted on. You will use your charm to support your cause and combine business with pleasure. Nothing stops you there but nothing forbids you either.

3rd decan (April 12th - April 20th): You're "On"
Until the 3rd, your mesmerizing magnetism should make an impact and you will be successful. You will not hesitate to seduce whoever you like. Then count on Jupiter from the 14th to be in aspect with your decan favorably. You will not lack any ideas to make yourself noticed (the 13th and 18th) and make the debates fascinating (the 23rd). From the 21st, it is in society that you will exercise your talents and your charm to impress the world and make the expected and necessary transformation on the professional level and the orientation of your destiny in general.

In a Relationship, you will not lack any bright arguments at the beginning of the month to make your partner want to believe you and follow you. Exciting projects will support you and you will not want to live half-heartedly. If you mobilize primarily for work, you will also have enough energy to fuel the flame in your private life.

Single, you will have no trouble making yourself noticed at the beginning of the month. If your goals are mostly professional, if you strengthen your career plan, and if you attract attention, you will still have enough energy to expand your scope and score points wherever you want.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
Your spirited social life and your power of seduction could help you evolve in your career, establish your reputation, and relay your ambitions. You will not necessarily be very available for your loves in February but after all, there is a time for everything and this month you will do a good job. Do not deprive yourself of it.

During the month for February 2019 for the zodiac sign for Aries:

The First Week,
The 2nd, pay attention to excesses of zeal and abuse of authority which will be badly perceived today (3rd decan) and could bring you troubles and the wrath of your hierarchy. Prefer to plead your case gently and put yourself forward by being polite and using your originality and your difference rather than rebelling at your own risk! Up to you!
The 3rd, exciting projects and ambitions in the process of being made? Bet on your brilliant eloquence to finish wooing whoever you want!
The 4th, the new moon invites you to build castles in the sky? Do not deprive yourself!
The 8th, 2nd decan, you are about to win the moon. 3rd decan, if you manage to pull the strings and use discrete strategies you should have no trouble pleading your case and especially succeeding!
The 9th, an originality that seduces and an audacity that makes us want to follow you. Bet, unreservedly, on what makes you different from the others to hit the bull's eye (3rd decan)!

The Second Week,
The 13th, make sparks but don't play the fool today (3rd decan) where you want to bring down the house but it's not sure that you won't do damage! Try to keep (at least a little) a sense of measure!
The 17th, charm to spare and a popularity rating at the top. What more can you ask for than the concrete confirmation of your success and the actual fulfillment of your wishes?

The Third Week,
The 18th, your projects take off and your future prospects widen! This will not prevent the 2nd decan from addressing, with the greatest seriousness, their social and professional responsibilities! Count on your charm to finish persuading your hierarchy to trust you!
The 19th, intuition and enough perspective to apprehend what comes with a formidable sense of strategy (2nd decan)! 1st decan, the full moon invites you to work for the common cause? Do not be begged to obey. This is the best way to rally votes around your personal goals!
The 20th, you work in the shadows to build your reputation and do not neglect to achieve this. You will have the opportunity, today, to mark minds and score points (2nd decan)!
The 22nd, 3rd decan, avoid distorting the game by sending contradictory messages that are likely to arouse the distrust of an entourage who could then take umbrage at your will, which is a little too effective to move up the ranks!

The 23rd, an undeniable magnetism will allow you to favorably influence those who are in the shadows waiting for you at the turn but could be ready to support you if you know how to play tight and especially not too personal!

The Fourth Week,
The 28th, 1st decan, casually push your pieces on the right squares and plead your case with determination and, a priori, success on this last day of month that could effectively relay your interests!

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Does he still loves me? Will he come back in my arms again?
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Does he still loves me? Will he come back in my arms again?
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Love life
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