Cancer's horoscope for February 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Don’t Stay in Your Corner
If you are focused on opportunities to seize and optimize to evolve your career plan in February, you are also attentive to your partner and others. Indeed, from the 3rd, Venus promotes closeness and invites you to listen to your partner and those around you. They will appreciate it. Your relationship with the outside world changes. You wonder about its validity and its legitimacy. You are going through a period of questioning the bonds you have with those who are dear to you, in order to better understand the functioning and the impact on your fulfillment. Count on Venus to facilitate constructive exchanges that are conducted smoothly.

1st decan (June 21st-July 1st): Take a Step Towards the Other!
In 2018, Saturn has no doubt allowed you to address what was stuck in your relationship. With a new emotional maturity, you will take advantage of the presence of Venus, which encourages connections and exchanges between the 3rd and the 12th. You will be able to tighten the bonds or make new ones with someone who pleases you. From the 14th, Mars invites you to make projects. You will aspire to open the future at your leisure and to mobilize your loved ones to make it happen as quickly as possible. From the 18th, the sun makes you want to push back some limitations. It's time to go beyond yourself and expand your horizons, deliciously accompanied.

In a Relationship, after a much needed but not very fun time of reflection in 2018, you know what you want and you have made the necessary concessions to improve your bonds and make them last. In February, count on Venus to warm the atmosphere significantly and share moments of complicity with each other. Enjoy a dynamic second fortnight to project yourselves together into a future that inspires you.

Single, after moments of doubt or loneliness, you aspire to embark on the adventure. Enjoy the favors of Venus to get closer to whoever you like and, through dialogue and attentive listening, you will attract the attention of the other. Also bet on your desire to devour life to make your crush want to follow you and share your vision of the future.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): A Tender Approach or A Closer Relationship
Saturn pushes you to question the foundation of your relationship or your personal approach to making connections. If you feel the pressure of great moments of solitude, you will benefit, in February, from the support of Venus. It will allow you to address sensitive issues smoothly. If, during the first two weeks of professional agitation, you show little interest in your partner, you will catch up without fail from the 12th: you will only have eyes for your partner. During these exchanges, you will rediscover the happiness in evolving together and, if you are in search of love, no doubt that you will seek a relationship which makes you want to engage for good.

In a Relationship, no more question of overflowing with the tensions and problems that you meet. Fortunately, you will be able to prove to your partner that you know how to listen to them. You will take advantage of this sharing to evolve together in the same direction.

Single, you find the time long and the road lonely then Saturn does not make things easier for you and puts you under pressure. There is no question of playing with love, but of knowing what you really expect from each other and the commitment. If anyone interests you, listen to them. The best way to touch whoever you like and embark with them on your dreams.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): A little (A Lot) Sensitive
You are approaching the month stressed and not open to discussion. You are not ready to look at your love life. Now is the time to settle what is stuck in your business and, from the 21st, Venus arrives and puts love at the center of the debate. Pluto alters your approach to the relationship. You expect something else from your rapport with your partner. You could experience strong moments around the 23rd where your exchanges will be anything but lukewarm and where you will understand that the evolution of your emotional life will have to undergo the test of a metamorphosis.

In a Relationship, Pluto requires you to test the bond: it works or it breaks. Count on Pluto to highlight what must disappear in the relationship so that it is more authentic. From the 21st, Venus allows you to approach the question but not without passion. The opportunity may be to give meaning to your relationship (the 23rd).

Single, you are not attracted by lukewarm loves. This aspiration to extremes will prove to save you because it will allow you to orient your choices according to what you have discovered about yourself. From the 21st, open your eyes and your heart and do not miss any opportunity to approach someone who touches you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
Whatever your occupations and concerns, do not forget to take care of each other and the relationship. Notably through a dialogue that will allow you to listen to your partner or to weave a stronger bond with someone you like.

During the month for February 2019 for the zodiac sign for Cancer:

The First Week,
The 2nd, 3rd decan, beware of yourself if you go over the limits and try to force the passage on the professional front, where your demonstrations of independence and authority will be far from unanimous. Lower your tone and play your charm while waiting to have all the assets in hand to convince!
The 3rd, your situation evolves quickly and well and the transformations currently at work should open some big and beautiful prospects for you for the future!
The 4th, the new moon actually promotes all kinds of transformations. Now is the moment to let go and accept. If you feel ready, go for it and seize on the fly the opportunity to transform.
The 8th, 2nd decan, everything moves and a priori ... in a good way. Now is the moment to accelerate the movement of change! 3rd decan, you are better able to express your aspirations and use a striking force to channel it so that it is and remains effective!
The 9th, daring and a mad desire to free yourself from restrictive supervision? Why not today, where you will combine audacity, originality, and a sense of strategy ...

The Second Week,
The 13th, 3rd decan, do not push things too far today where you have all the keys in hand to move the lines, provided that you use good form (at least a little)!
The 17th, inspiration and attentive listening to your partner? You have the right recipe today to change the relationship and narrow the ranks around a common ideal!

The Third Week,
The 18th, among other things you use your potential wisely today to succeed at imposing your vision of things, the world, and the methods to be used to innovate and open the future to your idea! 2nd decan, you will be aware of the importance of approaching the relationship without concession or filter, in order to estimate the possible limits and accept the rules ... or not! Use a dialogue that is gentle and respectful of your partner to try to identify what is wrong together!
The 19th, today you are imbued with an ideal that guides your steps. Your reflection could allow you to find and give meaning to your loves or your activity! The full moon invites you to communicate in all directions and to make every effort to facilitate any kind of exchange!
The 20th, gaining altitude, you will succeed at opening and maintaining a constructive dialogue with the other today. Take advantage of this time for a better understanding of the relationship to know where you are and what you really want!
The 22nd, 3rd decan, avoid ostensibly asserting your enormous ambitions today when the best will be the enemy of good. In short, lower your tone if you do not want to miss the boat and especially some great opportunities to take off and negotiate more smoothly rather than by playing the fool!
The 23rd, 3rd decan, is there passion and/or tension in the air? Not if you take a step towards the other and initiate a dialogue, which could allow you to express the your deepest thoughts and the state of mind which you are currently in! The story is about what you really expect from each other and the relationship.

The Fourth Week,
The 28th, 1st decan, since the 14th you defend tooth and nail a project that is close to your heart and could take a good turn today! Now is not the time to give up but to launch the offensive with all the chances that it will succeed!

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