Leo's horoscope for February 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: There is Love in the Air
Since last fall, Jupiter promotes your emotional world, encounters, love at first sight, and other loving impulses. You do not lack the desire or the energy to embark on the adventure or strengthen the bonds with someone you like. You can also count on the sun (until the 18th) to facilitate the exchanges and on Venus, from the 3rd, to put your good will at the service of your relationships both private, professional and social.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Your Love Moves to the Background a Little
If Jupiter has facilitated meetings then you will probably be caught up in February by your most urgent business that will demand your attention. You will tend to leave your partner for urgent work or invest energy in your company so that the results are good. Moreover, you will excel at the end of the month on this front, even if those you love will reproach you for not giving them enough of your time.

In a Relationship, after an intense and romantic end to the year, you are again focused on the results to be achieved at work. It is not in February that you will lack love for your partner but you will reserve most of your time to please your boss or to work for the common cause, successfully on the 28th. After a time when you have reconnected with a nice complicity, do not let yourself be absorbed exclusively by your work. At the risk of disappointing your partner who has not come down from their cloud. Even if you work for a good cause, you will have to deploy treasures of patience and love to convince them.

Single, if you have just tied yourself to someone, try to leave them a small place in the heart of the action. You will indeed have to report to work. If your professional commitments are successful (the 28), make sure your bonds do not suffer too much.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): A Rather Hot Month
At the beginning of the month, exchanges are in good shape and confirm recent or old commitments and favor what’s to come (the 3rd and 8th). Until the 14th, enjoy Jupiter in the universe of your theme dedicated to love to seduce. Then, a devoted Venus will enlighten and warm the daily routine on the 17th and 18th. His soft presence will allow you to get your messages across smoothly (the 18th). A month to interact with each other and establish a climate of trust that will allow you to believe.

In a Relationship, a nice month to enjoy the desire that love always lasts without moderation. Harmony should reign: Jupiter (until the 14th) warms up the atmosphere and Venus allows you to go through and finish the month in a complicit way.

Single, whether you have just come across your soulmate or you aspire to meet someone, you will not leave anyone indifferent. Bet on your charm to radiate and on your ability to be warm with your crush to captivate them.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Keep Your Eyes and Your Heart as Open as Possible
You approach the month a little tense and mobilized by a daily routine that does not meet your expectations (the 2nd). Try to charm rather than annoy. From the 14th, Jupiter warms the emotional atmosphere and exalts your creativity. You will fight for your ideas and your ambitions (the 9th, 13th, and 18th). But a little less for your loves, which will remain in the background of your concerns. At the end of the month (the 23rd), count on Venus for some strong emotions that will force you to question yourself and push you to look elsewhere. On the side of love, maybe.

In a Relationship, you have a task to complete or achieve and you will not have the heart available for lightness. Stay tuned to your partner because if you have to turn something into work, your partner might ask you the same thing at home (the 23rd).

Single, it is not in February that you will take off. You have too much to do to impose yourself on the social level and promote your ambitions. Try to save some of your precious time to listen to what you are told and learn from it to transform what needs to be, taking into account both your head and heart (the 23rd).

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

February will solicit your energies to love and meet certain desires that will take precedence over love. But you will know how to make sure that one does not prevent the other.

During the month for February 2019 for the zodiac sign for Leo:

The First Week,
The 2nd, 3rd decan, beware of possible clashes today if you prefer to rebel instead of taking kid gloves. Both methods are possible but it's up to you to make the right choice!
The 3rd, creative and promising exchanges. Whether in love or in business, bet on today to make yourself heard, understood, and why not, loved!
The 4th, the new moon invites you out of your isolation to take a step towards the other. No question this month of going it alone but of cooperating and associating, and why not, for some to get married!
The 8th, 2nd decan, all the elements seem together for the current to flow between you and your partner. It's time to declare yourself in love or to put on the show in business. 3rd decan, thanks to your sharp sense of strategy and your flair you manage to push your pawns on the right side (yours) and to positively influence those who hold the reins and the pennies!

The 9th, now is the moment to distinguish yourself and do everything to get out of the ranks and the lot!
The Second Week,
The 13th, 3rd decan, today you are able to push the boundaries of the possible. Why not if you give up, perhaps, going beyond the limits!
The 17th, thanks to your willingness to cooperate, you manage to guide the debates and your business to your idea (2nd decan)!

The Third Week,
The 18th, you manage the stewardship and the daily routine with rigor but not without approaching it with heart. This is the best way to make good choices and make friends and allies (2nd decan)! 3rd decan, you could well mark minds and score points today thanks to your originality. Go forward without exaggerating!
The 19th, flair, intuition, and a sense of strategy that should largely plead in your favor. So bet on your inspiration to guide your actions out of nothing! The full moon invites you to make every effort to boost your income, It's time to claim the recognition of your merits (an raise, a promotion) but also to exploit your fullest potential!
The 20th, you move slowly but surely towards your goals by arguing seriously but no less effectively. Continue! On the 22nd, 3rd decan, pay attention and do not compromise your chances of success by asking too much ... right away!
The 23rd, bet on your charm to move the lines to your idea and argue in your favor!

The Fourth Week,
The 28th, 1st decan thanks to your sharpened sense of business and the path to take to succeed, you could well, at this end of the month, obtain what you covet and impose your ideas and authority in high places!

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