Taurus's horoscope for February 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: In Search of More and Better
You have big ambitions in love this month, you aspire to change your relationship, to make sense of your love stories, and if you are looking for a soulmate, not to settle for little. There is no question of living love stories without flavor but of reaching the peaks. Count on Venus to encourage you and Jupiter to sharpen your desires and your desire to share beautiful moments with your lover or whoever pleases you.

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): Great Expectations
With Venus, you will want to push the boundaries of the possible and get out of the routine. You do not settle for little and you offer to escape the daily routine with your partner by multiplying inflammatory statements that are out of the ordinary. From the 14th, a fiery and greedy Mars will reinforce all your appetites. From the 18th, the sun invites you to make plans and you will not miss out. On the 28th, nothing can slow down your desires to project yourself into a future that inspires you.

In a Relationship, it's a nice winter month to cultivate great feelings. You want to dream and lead the other in your dreams and you will know how to go about convincing them to follow you wherever you want to go (from the 14th).

Single, you want to invest in a love story that makes sense and does not only match your thirst for intimacy. Bet on Venus (between the 3rd and 12th) to find your soulmate and on Mars (from the 14th) to impress the world around you, attract and hold attention, and act positively for the future.

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): Everything to Please
If Jupiter increases your magnetism and your radiance, then you can also count on Venus to favor some initiatives. On the 17th, an emotional ideal will seem to be achieved. However, it will not be enough to dream but to build a love story that keeps its promises. You will not hesitate to question yourself about your passions (the 18th, 19th, and 20th), probe your heart, and review all the good reasons to believe it...and there will be many.

In a Relationship, if Saturn increases your level of requirement and invites you to raise the bar then you should, in February, find that life meets your expectations. Between big declarations, exciting projects, and lasting love, you will give yourself the means to maintain your romantic relationships.

Single, you dream of someone who could be that special someone. Mobilize yourself to find a person that inspires you, with which you could consider the future without losing sight of the strength of this story that you will test out (the 18th and 20th).

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): Your Head and Heart are a Little Elsewhere
Venus is electric and magnetic and charms you at the beginning of the month. She could awaken your imagination and your senses even if you seem rather concerned about your career plan. You hone your blows in the shadows to get noticed and gather people around your findings. With such strength, you are able to ride on the promises of a Venus that allows you to finish this animated and sensually accompanied month (the 23rd).

In a Relationship, your business will especially hold your attention and seek your efforts in February but do not neglect your social ambitions that could impress your partner. We could admire you in secret and let you know it later (from the 21st).

Single, if you manage to look elsewhere than in your agenda and forget a moment that duty calls you, you will notice that your charm has an effect around you. Do not hesitate to use it for your cause. Especially at the end of the month (the 23rd): your power of seduction will be irresistible.

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
You will often want everything and the best. Since the February sky gives you charm and the will to seduce you will succeed in everything you do, whether in love or in business.

During the month for February 2019 for the zodiac sign for Taurus:

The First Week,
The 2nd, natives of the 3rd decan, pay attention to errors in your aim and maneuvers carried out in the shadows against the other, which could turn against you today! Prefer to opt for a strategy of delicacy where your power of seduction will contribute more surely to plead your case positively. Up to you!
The 3rd, happy initiatives and results to match today, where your eloquence and your strong arguments should do the trick and ensure you some success in the office and/or in society!
The 4th, the new moon puts you front and center and invites you to show what you are capable of doing professionally! In these latitudes, do not hesitate to express your talents and ambitions!
The 8th, energetic debates that mark minds and an ability to captivate those who hold the power and the money? A day not to be missed to speed up the movement and get what you want!
The 9th, bet on a sharp flair and a great sense of skillful strategies to advance your pawns and score points (3rd decan)!

The Second Week,
The 13th, if you are overflowing with determination and brilliant ideas to go ahead and propose your findings, it may be a little moderation and a hint of patience that you will lack today when you will be especially eager to accelerate the pace at the risk of rushing this then at your own risk!
The 17th, 2nd decan, put your creativity at the top, a crazy charm to captivate whoever you want and to make those who love you or work with you want to believe you and follow you wherever you want to go and take them!

The Third Week,
The 18th, you know what to do to steer your business in the right direction (yours of course) today when your strategies and your ideas of genius could well pay off! 2nd decan, whatever the nature of your ambitions today, they will ask to be dug into and studied closely to know if they rest on solid ground or not and are then likely to lead you far and wide and on the right track!
The 19th, exciting projects and inspiring plans. Enough now to take off and build castles in the sky! The full moon invites you to love and seduce and simply to shine with all your fires!
The 20th, 2nd decan, it's by mixing inspiration, enthusiasm, and reasoning that you will get the most out of the game and will be able to move forward today, and all the days that follow, on the right track!
The 22nd, 3rd decan, passionate and intense, you should be putting forward arguments that could strongly influence, and why not favorably, your interlocutors and potential admirers. And if you take the opportunity to be noticed, chosen, and loved?

The Fourth Week,
The 28th, an end of the month to fully approach the levers for a 1st decan that is decidedly ahead! This goes hand in hand with the conquest of your personal Grail and you make every effort to carry out the projects that are dear to your heart!

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my message is that have a good health always,and have someone to my forever love..more power for you and thank you so much.
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that i can find someone like "forever"
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Fast contract job and very good finance
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