Aquarius's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

Natives who celebrate their birthday will have the feeling of passing a course. Indeed, the presence of Saturn, sometimes very close to your Sun, will have a significant impact on your projects and the global reflection that you start.

It will be necessary to count with a certain requirement of your environment or your relatives, which will have a certain incidence, on the image which you make of yourself. Yet you certainly advance with great caution, even suspicion, which bothers you a little. This is not your usual way of thinking about human relationships. Even your talent for taking a train ahead of everyone seems stuck. It's just an optical illusion. In reality, you invest with a lot of realism and sense of anticipation, all your areas of life.

Love in General:
Love does not escape the reel of your thoughts and reflections. You observe with great attention your own reactions and your positions. The real reason is that you do not really want to go on an adventure without a future. You might even look a little "dry". It does not matter to you: On the 28th of the month, it is out of the question to let you lock up.

In a relationship:
Your spouse might feel like a laboratory frog. It's not that you filter everything, but almost. Basically, your desire to know everything is not right with your principles of independence; you prefer to avoid questions that burn your lips. Fortunately, your sense of humor provokes moments of lucidity. The 20 and 21 is the peace found again.

Someone tries to pull out the big game in order to seduce you. Yet you stay, almost, marble. You are too busy splitting hairs. Would you be able to crack without too much head? Otherwise, the strength of your certainties might cause you some regrets. That would be a shame.

Career / Finance:
With Saturn, it is not joy! Unfortunately, the fast planets that also circulate in Aquarius amplify the phenomenon. In this rigorous state of mind, you may feel that nothing is moving in the right direction and that you are doomed to stay away from civilization. Rest assured, this is not what this is about. So, instead of counting the hours, take the time to refine your projects and ideas. Bring them with the structure and when the time comes, you will be perfectly prepared. On the financial side, it is not in great shape, however, an unexpected opportunity will put you back on track.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not oscillate between too much and too little. If you want to treat yourself, do not give up. The period is a little blocking but leaves you spaces of freedom. Invest them.

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