Aries's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

Once again, you are going to have some desire for independence from a relative or your hierarchy. You feel that you impose other constraints and you cannot stand to suffer the consequences. From the guard of the cat of your cousin who takes holidays, to your boss who loses the duplicates of the files, the range is wide. In short, you might kick the anthill while ruminating your rancor.

Choose your side: it's either one or the other. In the first case, nobody will want you to say what you think, in the other case you will pass for the service pest. Anyway, you reveal you in a new light and that makes you a world of good. On weekends 5 and 6, you plan to do exactly what you like!

Love in General:
The conjunction Mars-Venus in Capricorn concerns you first and foremost. Nothing is more effective than the energy you deploy to please everyone. Your love life is the first beneficiary. But maybe you suffer? You run faster than most people, and at the instigation of Mars you put the cart before the horse. Calm down.

In a relationship:
You are slightly looped and your partner points out? Unless he points out your bad temper and puts his foot down? Anyway, we could expect the fires of the God of war, but you keep your cool. Your revenge will be terrible.

The natives set the stage for a love story sawtooth or that keeps its shadows. If the benefit is greater than the inconvenience, why not? Anyway you are deaf to good advice, and to: "Me if I were in your place ...". So, we let you do it.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Pluto does not get rid of the floor yet, but from Capricorn he has already cleaned up. You are relieved of many questions. Between the 12th and the 14th, imperatively regulate your domestic concerns.

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