Capricorn's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

Finally free from your doubts, you appear in all your strength and your truth. A good one who will succeed in making you lower your eyes or your arms. You reach the summit and you admit, finally, that you were capable of it. The energy that you deploy in your professional project will bear fruit: you feel fully appreciated and worthy of interest to others.

It was not won, but Pluto finally dug the right path. The awareness of your value and your abilities opens you an almost royal way. Even if people around you want to know your limits, you do not care! You are aware that for you it is here, and now. For once you have no time!

Love in General:
The global climate can bring you the happiest changes in the sentimental realm. Reconciled with love and with yourself, you know exactly where you are going. The moment is therefore chosen to go from inspiration to realization, because love is almost an art! You could become a master without even realizing it.

In a relationship:
Widely rewarded for the efforts you have made, you see your partner return to better feelings. If a few lively reactions can be part of the Mars/Venus conjunction, you have enough coolness to bring down the pressure. On the 18 and 19 open your heart.

Your main asset is your strength of conviction. You pack whoever you want with incredible candor. A person, who refused to give in, could finally follow you at the end of your dreams. It must be said that you have the art and the way to seduce or mark the spirits. It's all in finesse!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not spend your time asking questions or dissecting your feelings. You want to understand in every detail, but love is not a science lesson. Instead, make evoke emotions.

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