Gemini's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

Although this period validates a free will, Jupiter and Neptune, the Pisces, you are a little misery. You still manage to lead your merry way, without feeling too much hindered. Prints of deja vu, or a touch of nostalgia can disturb you, but this wave to the soul fades quickly. You are the object of strange premonitions or memories that get tangled with your Cartesian side.

From the middle of the month Mercury in Aquarius recalls, to your good memory, administrative chores or others, which you prefer to forget. Finally, new knowledge, or a professional proposal, are strong elements of the period. They offer you the opportunity to give the best of yourself. Your ability to communicate, and to catch the ball, will not be denied. It's a month during which you reveal yourself. The 10 and 11 are tonics.

Love in General:
Encounters in incongruous or surprising circumstances open new paths. You make connections with people you did not know the day before. It's as if you've always known each other, it troubles you but you have a good time together. You can even engage in very personal confidences. It really is not you.

In a relationship:
Until the middle of the month, the reality principle brings you back to earth very regularly. You could even engage more with your partner and feel welded for life. Anyway, you have projects, but it will be necessary to wait a little before returning completely in the action.

The weekend of 18 and 19, may not start really as you had planned. A late delay or setback could make your life difficult. Do not rush things, stay Zen and let it settle. Some unimportant obstacles, will not be right of your will.

Career / Finance:
This month, the stability and evolution of your situation are complicated because they are dependent on to the decisions that you will make. Gemini! Although you have projects in your head, this is not a reason to do things anyhow! So, if you want to avoid finding yourself in an unwanted situation, focus on the essentials instead of thinking about something else. On the financial side, same fight! Do not manage your budget in an approximate way or thinking about hypothetical cash inflows. Be specific even if you find it a killjoy.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you feel a little low energy, agree to ask and not to think about anything. The mental overheating that you sometimes show, wears out your nerves. Find a garden of plants or a greenhouse filled with birds and listen.

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