Libra's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

If you take a firm position, you will settle a dispute in progress. To face differences of opinion or reactions, it will be relevant to use your humor and kindness. The people concerned will be more inclined to make efforts. Any extreme position being difficult by the position of the planets,' it is by remaining flexible, that you will impose the happy medium.

But do not let the doubt float about the expected results. On the 20th and 21st, you lay the groundwork for your goals: private and/or professional, this allows you to wait until the moment to act is manifested. Yet, no question that things drag on; around the 27th you watch the opportunity, you can even look for how to provoke it. A friend Aquarius can be a vector or mediator of your success.

Love in General:
It is on the theme of trust that you play your score. It goes from friendship-love, to love passion that could hit you hard. You are not the type to break for a yes or a no. Anyway, you stay true to yourself by keeping this little extra soul, made of sensitivity and logic, which suits you so well.

In a relationship:
Your spouse could play drafts by multiplying professional appointments or hobbies. You decide to accept, support or follow. In return, he gives you unwavering confidence, and promises to give you time, in exclusivity! On the 20 and 21, you manage to spare with a romantic "tête à tête".

Details in the eyes of others are priorities for you. This is so. The planets accentuate your rigor and your sense of detail. In reality you do miss anything and the person who thought he could escape your eagle eye, will put his finger in his ... to the elbow!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
From the second fortnight agree to play the collective. Your sense of empathy, however, will find a high point, if someone abuses your kindness. Do not throw scuds for as much!

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