Pisces's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

The conflicts or legal problems that you may have faced are in the process of evolution. You could be rid of someone, or something, that poisoned your life once and for all. You then make all the decisions that are necessary, without making any waves. You still prefer to act discreetly, maybe even decide to remain in a form of anonymity. However, you prepare the future in silence and gently.

It's time to consider a move, change of air or start a blank page. The building aspects allied to a period of luck, which you no longer believe, support your desire to get out of it. The days of the 10th and 11th, sign the last fires of the complications which you have undergone or the fights which you carried out.

Love in General:
You cross social barriers with skill and much more easily than usual. Basically, you do not plan to leave in love again, without having some insurance. The natives prefer to savor their daily life: meals with friends, atypical outings or simply to adopt a rhythm that gives them back energy. Their newfound independence allows them to hold out and make plans for the future. On the 24th, face the unexpected.

In a relationship:
You have decided to step back definitively or temporarily, even if you do not jostle your life together. You implement an organization that allows you a lot of latitude. Your spouse leaves you time for reflection or helps you see your way clear to you. On the 12 and 13, you give in to tenderness.

It may be that you have to make a choice that leads you to know you better. Your motivations appear to you very clearly. After hesitating between two loves, or forsaking someone, you could find your true feelings deep in your heart. Follow them.

Career / Finance:
This month, influential people who have the power to develop your career are making interesting proposals. So, this is not the time to stay away, while revisiting the past and its disappointments. Pisces! If people praise your merits and skills, it's because they have good reasons. Then accept what they offer, and you will be happy! On a financial level, you stay on course, thanks to your sense of economy and management, who intuitively knows what to do, even when it's not great shape.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Your ability to unravel the truth from the wrong is still relevant. Yet you see traps everywhere. Do not become paranoid; Jupiter reinforces your sense of negotiation. This facilitates the contacts and the benevolent meetings.

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