Taurus's horoscope for February 2022

Written by Daisy

General overviewIt is perhaps you, native of Taurus, that Uranus shakes the most. It makes you responsive and almost unpredictable, which is still a shame! You wait to play it safe and you agree even to adventure. Your green meadow do more with much appeal, it is under the impulse of a friend Capricorn or Libra you could visit the country.

Luck is so good for you; it's a great mop that will bring you many gifts of life: relationships, moments of celebration, sweetness of life. Anyway, even if you stay at home, you pour in originality. Enjoy it. Because you have all the same, some constraints to assume. Your professional life remains intensive: whether you are in post, training or in the process of being. You will have to stay on top to pass exams, a professional interview or take on new responsibilities.

Love in General:
A need for renewal or a push of idealism encourages you to review your love copy. There is a time for everything, do you think: staying within the limits of the acceptable, or looking for a new challenge? It is possible that you have to make choices and that it is not as obvious as that. The first fortnight allows you some missteps that it is better to avoid, towards the end of the month.

In a relationship:
You regain confidence in life and in relationships. Yet you refuse to let yourself be surprised by passion. You are firmly convinced that your dear half has the same need for independence as you. You try to feel the ground to check it. You may be surprised.

Between the 7th and 10th of the month, you could meet a person who is married or engaged elsewhere. This does not discourage you, especially as you feel a strong attraction and it seems reciprocal. You make the choice not to overdo it, and you are right.

Career / Finance:
The sextile that links Jupiter in Pisces to Mars in Capricorn makes it easier for you to carry out your projects and your evolution. If you can no longer endure the torments of Saturn in Aquarius, this is the perfect time to seize the passing opportunity. Certainly, this may require you to project yourself into a universe that you do not know, but it will have the merit of removing you from the one that no longer suits you. On the financial side, the situation is not overwhelming, your budget is not in jeopardy this month unless, around the 16th, a member of your family starts an unexpected expense.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not make an exception a generality. You may need to consider several solutions before finding the right one. Your great sensitivity allows you to understand people, use it.

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