Check your horoscope for January 2018

Written by Daisy

A first month of the year that smells of success and should allow everyone to express, and why not, realize their potential. A rather lenient sky seems to encourage initiatives and success, however we avoid abusing these happy circumstances to do things only our way.

If we succeed in channeling our creativity and curbing our possible exuberance, we should all go through January in beauty (but not without conscience) and end it on the right path, that which could allow us to transform soon and finally turn our dreams into reality!

The skies in January will offer us a welcome climate of calm and serenity after the uproarious festivities that will have just come to an end. Saturn, the planet of wisdom, will have just made his entrance into his home sign of Capricorn and encourage us to reflect on the best way to organise the new year. Creative flair won't be absent from your reflections and a desire for change and things new will bring inspiration to our plans. The atmosphere will be one of commitment with a serious and realistic approach. Our love-lives will also come under this influence and those who hesitate to take the plunge could well make up their minds to seal their union for the long term. Where new projects are concerned, it could also be a question for some to retrain or undertake new studies. During the first part of the month, we will particularly devote time to drawing up plans for the future, while carrying out a review of the year gone by. As for the second half of the month, this should encourage us to move into action. We could then be surprised by the sudden turn of events, which could be linked to our love-life and make us question the decisions we have taken. These hitches could have an unsettling effect. It will be a case of not feeling discouraged in our good intentions, but of readjusting our objectives so that they take greater account of our values, including our feelings, as a whole. In any case, the atmosphere at the moment will encourage us to feel confident and actively pursue our fundamental goals.

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