Check your horoscope for July 2018

Written by Daisy

A month that starts in a hurry and seems to want to promote our progress and encourage our initiatives. It's up to us to manage our assets and distribute the right cards.

Those that will allow us to finish what must be before the 26th when Mercury turns back and suspends the negotiations and discussions in progress until August 19th! There is no point in trying to force your way or get out of the game by then. So maybe now is the best time to get out and take a vacation?

For most of us the month of July conjures up a period when we will live our desires to the full with total freedom. In July, the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, whose symbol is that strange crustacean, which appears to move backwards and will run at the slightest sign of alarm. According to legend, the constellation of Cancer was created by HERA, the daughter of the Titan Chronos, who had a score to settle with Hercules and made a bargain with Hydra of Lerna. Hercules was bitten by a crab which hung on to his foot. He was indignant and crushed the crab, but Hera acknowledged his revenge by placing the crab amongst the number of constellations. Cancer is the home sign of the Moon and the sign where Jupiter is exalted. It is one of the Water signs and often endows those born under this sign with great beauty, or at the very least, great seductive powers. It may not completely be by chance that many marriages take place in July, other than the fact that one should make the most of the summer to celebrate, as HERA is the goddess of marriage. This may be a symbolism that remains very powerful. In any case, those who wed in July will do so under the auspices of the trine aspect between Saturn and Venus, which will form in the middle of the month. In the best scenario, the trine is a symbol of long-lasting union. From the sign of Taurus, Uranus will make his contribution in terms of innovations regarding home-life and the family. What more could you ask? A month when it would be a good time to establish your bases to find your place in life and build things. Cancer, the sign of infancy and maternity will promise us the birth of some wonderful things from all points of view.

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