Check your horoscope for July 2019

Written by Daisy

A busy summer month? No storms on the horizon? A month to manage as serenely as possible to channel the turmoil and deluge without being overwhelmed by our emotions. It is a challenge that will appeal to your ability and desire to evolve.

Let's hope that many of us will prefer to connect with high vibrations rather than low pressures and spend the month opening up new creative and positive ways, rather than constantly linking ourselves to the past, which only stifles our wings.

The sweetness of life and the holiday period pushes us all to better horizons. It’s during this time that we will finally accept asking ourselves, while also profiting from what we appreciate most in the world. Leisure, family, friends, idleness, the beautiful days will take us in their wake and we will not resist. Especially with the presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius bringing its share of luck, happiness and success, for us all. Under the benevolent gaze of the King of Olympus, we as mere mortals can fully enjoy life. It will be opportune to take on projects, to embark on new paths, in short, to believe in his good luck. Jupiter is at home in the sign of Sagittarius, acting in collaboration with Mars, while in transit with the Leo. The summer will therefore be promising for adventures, both small and big, which will open the field wide to encounters and discoveries. The joint energies of the powerful fire signs are certain to guarantee a positive summer; both in terms of human relations and our social environment.

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