Check your horoscope for June 2018

Written by Daisy

A transition from spring to summer that promises to be lively (agitated for some) and move the lines.

So be prepared to be a little shaken up but a priori for a good cause! To change patterns that do not suit you anymore (1st decan), take off always further and higher (2nd decan) or probe the abyss of your subconscious to eventually be reborn from your ashes and evolve into a new version of yourself, more authentic and integrated (3rd decan)! A program that everyone will have to accept and bone up on, in order to get the best out of it and turn a corner soon or pronto!

The month of June will knock at our doors and there will be the first signs of summer, with all it has to offer in terms of a smooth life. This is the time when the body awakens and we are already preparing to rediscover the colours and flavours of Nature, which will be blossoming forth. In an ancient sculpture, June was represented in the shape of a young man, which directly invokes the origins of the word "juniores", meaning young people. Behind this young man was engraved a sickle, because harvest time was approaching. Some authors think that June is the month when youth was celebrated, which is very much in line with the sign of Gemini, the Sun sign at the beginning of the month. Those born under the sign of Gemini preserve their youthful appearance for a long time and feel fulfilled by movement and new projects. It is difficult to pin them down to routine and repetitive work won't suit them in the long term. This month, attention will be drawn by the trine aspect between Mars and Mercury, who will both be in transit through Air signs. Communication, exchanges with others and new ideas: the first few days of the month will be ripe for raising questions, but also for moving into action. The effect of the planet Mars (action) will apply to the fixed sign of Aquarius. The retrograde movement of this planet at the end of the month will bring up problems of a social nature and others, until common ground is found. The fixed signs will be concerned by these aspects, especially since Venus in the sign of Leo (from mid-June) will bring an ambitious share of exchanges with others and development. It will be a case of being constructive in a generous and visible way. This will certainly apply to society, but also to individual charts, where the planets will do their work according to the sectors involved. A month of June that will enlighten us with goodwill towards everyone and clear skies.

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