Check your horoscope for June 2023

Written by Daisy

In recent times Pluto has been in Aquarius during which he has brought about radical transformations. What was out of date disintegrated without compromise. As a result, the situations that we're struggling to take off were reduced, and they took off more easily. The opportunities from Jupiter in Aries have taken on their full dimension.

Also, by making a stopover in Aquarius, Pluto injected these new ideas that were sorely lacking. On the 12th, he returned to Capricorn. This return to this conservative and pragmatic sign will put the most reckless minds back in place. He will avoid mistakes that would be regrettable. By returning to Capricorn, Pluto will consolidate situations that are not yet ready for a significant transformation. And since Jupiter is in Taurus, the understanding is not of a cordial friendship with Pluto in Aquarius. His return to Capricorn will, therefore, settle Jupiter's business, and its effects will be more useful for those concerned.

With Saturn as a back-up, although it is in retrograde from the 18th, it brings opportunities and facilities to the signs of water and earth. The natives of Taurus are the first concerned. With this combination of scalable energy, they can fulfill their ambitions as they please and without pressure. It is the same for the other signs, which will find in Jupiter a precious ally who contributes to their advance. Scorpio may be annoyed by the methods and proposals of Jupiter, but with a little hindsight, they should find their account.

As for the signs of air and fire, they could feel cramped. However, they are not forgotten! This month, they receive the beneficial influxes of Mars and Venus in Leo, which are energized by the Sun and by Mercury in Gemini. Thanks to this arsenal of energies, these signs will give a boost to what they have undertaken lately. They're going to have the happy feeling of finding that momentum that suits them and that they need to move forward. The natives who find the time long will review life in multicolour. Some will not hesitate to show off, and they will be right to do so. Those who had opportunities at the start of the year will make them grow. However, some of them will have to be wise when circumstances dictate. Others will have to revise their project downwards, if they want them to evolve favorably and to their benefits.

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