December 2019 love horoscope for Cancer

Written by Daisy

Love: We Move to Serious Things!
There is love in the air at the end of the year, Venus urges you to listen to each other to warm the bond, relight the flame, and satisfy your desires. A charming trend confirmed by Jupiter (the 2nd): this is an opportunity to engage, make an important meeting, and formalize it, dear Cancer, by December 19, 2020.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): The Future (Together) is in Line of Sight!
The temperature climbs: December is like summer. If you aspire to launch life projects that inspire you, you will enjoy the arrival of Jupiter from the 2nd. Count on this generous planet to get support in your affairs, the support of which you like to accompany you in the realization of your prospects. Venus will also be in the game until the 4th and will reinforce, from the 20th, your sensuality and your desire to have a good time in excellent company.

In a Relationship, it's time to take a step and declare yourself in December (the 3rd and 27th?). Then, embark with your partner in your dreams (the 15th) and do not hesitate to trace the road for a new life, likely to suit you. At the end of the month, nothing prevents you from accessing Nirvana.

Single, if you have someone in sight, you will make it happen in December and if you aspire to meet love, open your eyes and your heart. Love is waiting for you, this month, with strong emotions. Love at first sight and commitment are possible. Everything could go quickly and well in this promising end of the year. You benefit (on the 3rd, 15th, 24th, 27th, and 30th) from waves that carry you.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): Complicity Found or Found Again!
You are in harmony with each other at the beginning of the month (the 8th). Count on Venus (between the 4th and 12th) to promote your exchanges and meetings under the sign of complicity. If, since the beginning of the year, you were struggling to warm up the atmosphere, you will catch up on the 8th and the 11th: you can get closer to your partner or start an adventure, a relationship could evolve in the direction of your expectations (the 8th and 13th) and make you want to anchor a recent bond in the long term.

In a Relationship, if the atmosphere was cold during a test of your relationship then bet on the end of this year to reconnect with intimacy and get closer to your partner. You'll pass the test successfully.

Single, If anyone likes you, you'll know what to do and what to say to grab their attention and seduce them. By listening (on the 8th) and sending signs of commitment (the 11th), whatever your intentions, you will be motivated (the 13) and able (on the 19th) to take a decisive step towards your crush.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): It's Time to Commit?
You conclude private exchanges that have dragged on since October. It is time to declare yourself and engage in the relationship, to give your partner a guarantee of your sincerity. Around the 13th, passion and intense feelings are part of the program of a last month of the year complicit with your loves. Do not hesitate (on the 22nd) to declare your love to a partner under your charm.

In a Relationship, you agree with your partner and you reinforce your bond in December. Take advantage of this return to love to reiterate a passionate oath that will have its effect on the 13th and restore intensity to your exchanges on the 22nd.
Single, you are self-confident. No more question of procrastinating but to live your idylls thoroughly or, if you have not yet found that special someone, to find them on the 13th. The atmosphere turns red with passion. Good timing and good energy will warm up the mood on the 19th: the winter becomes torrid, it's up to you to play.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Get ready to spend the winter warm. Opportunities for meetings and reunions will please in December and start the winter in a trance.

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