August 2019 love horoscope for Gemini

Written by Daisy

Love: Honor the Dialogue !
Communication is encouraged until the 21st, you will pass your messages smoothly thanks to Venus, which does not prevent some crisis but which invites you to express yourself openly and to make yourself understood by those you love. Starting on the 21st, count on this delicious planet to promote a good family relationship, you can narrow the ranks and act effectively, dear Gemini, to make your point.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Beware of Uncontrolled Slip Ups!
You are not immune to miSunderstandings that compromise the family agreement. Tensions appear or harden on the 2nd and 16th, you have trouble avoiding the tensions that you may cause without realizing it. Do not let unconscious rancor pollute the atmosphere, you can avoid it by identifying what is stuck. From the 21st, the current goes better. You pass your messages smoother and you settle your accounts amicably. You do not give up much but your goodwill is enough to defuse conflicts.

In a Relationship, your partner and your loved ones do not find you clear, you seem moved by a secret emotion that does not play in favor of a harmonious communication. Starting on the 21st, you will have more constructive debates and you will find common ground with those you love.

Single, The first fortnight should be approached with caution so as not to cause confusion and miSunderstanding around you. If your words exceed your thoughts, wait until the end of the month to restart the debate. You will then be able to be understood and your initiatives will be accepted by your entourage.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th) : Yes!
It is hard to see what could upset your exchanges with your entourage. Count on an open sky to communicate smoothly, you have the means to strengthen your complicity, get closer to your partner, and commit for a long time. Take the opportunity to have a good time, make yourself understood, and love who you want.

In a Relationship, a beautiful sky: you are on the same wavelength with your partner and you surf on these excellent conditions to strengthen your union and tighten your bonds deliciously.

Single, bet on your charm and your irresistible arguments to mark hearts and minds. Nobody will resist your captivating speeches, which will make your crush want to turn an important corner.

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): Respect Yourself!
Until the 18th, you seek to make your voice heard and you raise your voice if we do not listen to what you say. This demonstration of authority will not hurt anyone and will allow you to assert yourself. Your loved ones do not dispute your interventions because your charm ends up convincing and cajoling your loved ones. The full Moon on the 15th invites you to push your limits and to believe in yourself, listen to it!

In a Relationship, you do not sit back but you have enough tact to get your messages across while leaving everyone open. This good mood will attract sympathies and you will understand that your integration goes through a match with yourself.

Single, no question of giving in on essentials or keeping quiet: you find the right balance between authority and flexibility. A harmonious communication allows you to support your points of view and you stay tuned to others. It is an ideal month to improve your exchanges with your loved ones without denying yourself.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

August is a good month to communicate and make yourself understood. This summer month favors constructive exchanges and helps you close the ranks.

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Posted the 06/08/2019 at 14h51
Hi, I just lost my job recently, I would like to know more about my future. I feel lost currently sometimes, I don't know what to do with myself
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