November 2020 love horoscope for Libra

Written by Daisy

Love: A Radiance to Be Put to Good Use!
Venus in your sign until the 21st exalts your seduction and makes you want to love. A major asset to spend the month in beauty but do not put yourself forward too much so as not to displease your loved ones who are more sensitive to your efforts to serve the community than to your desire to please. A solution to rally the votes around a common vision, dear Libra, rather than just for your benefit.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd) Don't Get Up in Arms!
Uranus invites you to make your bonds evolve and review your approach to the relationship so that each one finds their profit and more autonomy. Negotiate a contract without demanding everything from the other, at the risk of creating tensions and blocking exchanges. Use negotiation to get out of a situation in your best interests.

2nd decan (October 4th -October 14th) Don't Play it Personal!
Mars puts oil on the fire more than in the cogs within your exchanges. Do not count on Venus, which reinforces your seduction between the 5th and 13th, to fix things if you use your charm for your sole interest. Take a step towards your partner. Put your means at the service of others to rally the votes and manage stewardship in everyone's interest. But keep the atmosphere at its best.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd) A Modest Triumph!
Don't impose your plans in your family, because if you insist on having the last word, you will hit a wall. However, seize the opportunities to improve your life on the 12th: a cosmic situation invites you to take a step forward. You have the means to move forward, but don't take all the credit.

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Structural changes are taking place. To finalize them in the best conditions, think of common interests to score points and mark minds and hearts.

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