August 2020 love horoscope for Libra

Written by Daisy

Love: In Search of Popularity!
Since spring, Venus has been encouraging your initiatives. From the 7th, you seek to satisfy an increased need for recognition and to impress your audience. You use your charm to attract the attention of others in society. Manage this trend wisely, dear Libra, to make an impression without abusing your influence or putting pressure on anyone.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): All-Good!
You have projects, and you are thinking about the best strategies to use to achieve them. Count on Venus between the 7th and the 18th to make an impression on an entourage that will not refuse you anything. You benefit from a tension-free sky, ideal for doing what you want without disturbing the frequency. From the 22nd, take a step back from your feelings. Learn the lessons of the past year and approach the next cycle with full knowledge of the facts.

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Play Your Cards in the Second Half!
Do not take your desires for orders at the risk of sowing discord in the family. We do not appreciate that you overestimate your powers and your means. Certainly, you aspire to improve your life but wait until the second fortnight to charm your little world and gently get what you asked for too loudly.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Smooth Things Over!
Avoid radical positions that generate family misunderstandings. You risk starting internal wars, and your authoritarian attitude is hardly taken. If you impose your vision of the world, you will be badly received, and it will block the debates. Offer to share your projects with your loved ones to get their approval rather than messing up by playing the boss.

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The desire to be seen, noticed, acclaimed, and loved? You shine without blinding. It is the best method to win votes.

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