Check your horoscope for March 2018

Written by Daisy

A traditionally rainy and gloomy month? Some (1st decan) will suffer the whims of cosmic weather that will limit them and invite them to take their trouble with patience, while others will have no trouble passing between the drops and making the most of the sky’s offerings.

An injustice to be qualified by understanding that to achieve our ambitions; it is necessary at one time or another to delve into the subjects that concern us (and worry us). Enough to found our projects in good conscience and on solid basis, in order to slow the movement for some time! A passing exercise, a little painful but oh so essential, to open the future in the right direction!

From the 7th, there will be a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in the sign of Aries until the end of the month. This dynamic duo is going to awaken the full energy of this first sign of the zodiac. The first signs of spring, though still imperceptible, will be nicely echoed by this association of the two planets. Communication, zest for life and the reforging of contacts that had been left hanging for some time, will promise us renewal and a new collective enthusiasm. Venus, the sign of love, sensuality and harmony, will combine forces with Mercury, the message bearer, who negotiates and coordinates things. This positive, energy-laden partnership will convey peace in a spirit of strength and things new, as symbolised by the sign of Aries. Pisces, the sign at the beginning of the month, will benefit from the energy of Mercury and Venus throughout the first week. We can bet it will be a privileged month for enjoying a shared and serene love-life. Arians will also be centre-stage, with wonderful bright periods on the horizon and attractive proposals on the social front and in our private lives. The planet Jupiter, the symbol of growth and good fortune, will consolidate his support for the Water signs. If Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio are your birth sign or Ascendant, you will be the winners this month. This expansive planet will offer you everything on a plate. So make the most of March 2018 to make use of the energy of the planets, which will certainly propel you in the right direction and bring success in terms of plans that had cooled off over the winter. We will then tackle spring 2018 in the best possible circumstances.

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