Check your horoscope for March 2024

Written by Daisy

The signs of air and fire receive the support of Mars and Venus in Aquarius and then Mercury and the Sun in Aries. With Pluto as reinforcement, existences, relationships, or situations gain freedom of action. Things are said with frankness. The bolder ones, like Aries, for example, express themselves without filter.

Words have some power this month, so those concerned will have to take care not to hurt those who are particularly sensitive. As for the signs of water and Earth, they always receive the benefits of Jupiter in Taurus. To project them in the concrete, they can lean on the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, who stay in Pisces. For Saturn to be beneficial to them, they are advised to structure their projects, which will enhance their success.

The atmosphere is shared between evanescent energies coming from Pisces, which receive the Sun until the 20th, and those of Aries. The sky does not shelter any or few burning influences, which leaves Sagittarius and Leos more evident freedom. Of course, the exchanges can be intense under the not always diplomatic influence of Mercury in Aries from the 10th onwards. So plan to communicate beforehand if you have a delicate step to take or a sensitive request. This month could favour the bold or the far-sighted. Act as your intuition tells you, but don't forget that your maneuvering stops or begins with others. The first fortnight could help lovers confess their feelings or move up a gear under the influence of Venus in the hyper-sensitive sign of Pisces, while from the 22nd, Mars will bring its pure touch of sensuality, take heart! At the beginning of the sign of Aquarius, Pluto announces profound changes to come for all but especially the fixed signs, which are now encouraged to let go! This winter month invites you to let yourself be led by life.

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