Leo's horoscope for May 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: An Obvious Radiance!
Since the fall of 2018, Jupiter has strengthened your ties or fostered inspiring encounters. You are demanding when it comes to the quality of your relationships, you aspire to evolve your exchanges with your partner or to find that special someone if you are still looking for a soulmate. For you, Leo, there is no question of settling but to live stories that meet your expectations. From the 15th, Venus invites you to be concerned about the impact you have on the world and could provide you with assets to shine in society and influence your entourage.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Other Priorities?
Whatever your desire to love, you will be mobilized, in May, by professional upheavals. You experience a stir or create situations to change things at work and you use your charm to get your messages across. From the 21st, your projects take up most of your time!

In a Relationship, enjoy the bonds you have strengthened with your partner to carry out your projects. You are going through a period of turbulence in business and you appreciate that your lover supports you and helps you face it. Between the 15th and the 23rd, bet on Venus to gently take the steep turns that await you!

Single, you have neither the mind nor the heart available to devote yourself fully to your loves. Above all, you want to seize every opportunity to change your activity or your life. Use your power of seduction to guide the debates and the events to your advantage!

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): An Effective....Charm!
Venus favors exchanges and quality meetings and you should enjoy moments of complicity. In May, you will be focused on your popularity at work and you will have little time to seduce. But, from the 23rd, you use the assets of Venus to impress or charm those who could help you professionally to change the situation in your favor. Your sense of strategy and your rigor are supported by a charm that will not fail to have an affect your entourage!

In a Relationship, it is not necessarily at home that you will best exercise your power of seduction, which you reserve for your boss or those who could help you. Your partner should, however, find nothing to say because you have already proven your affection!

Single, in May, you want to please at work and shine in society. Until the 7th, you seek the ideal person to love. From the 23rd, you seek to attract the glances of your colleagues and social interlocutors rather than to charm in love. Yet, one does not prevent the other!

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Do What You Like Against All Odds!
You have trouble finding the balance between ambitious aspirations in love and a demanding daily life that requires your investment. You must temporarily give up a recklessness that does not fit well with your responsibilities. You face a heavy climate that dampens your enthusiasm. Count on Jupiter to promote your love life and punctuate your daily moments with strength. Enough to cheer you up!

In a Relationship, Saturn weighs on you a bit ... Fortunately, Venus invites you to love a lot and passionately. Enough to forget the frustrations you are currently experiencing!

Single, in May, a mood that is a little morose or imposed limits hinder your momentum. However, this does not stop you from trying your luck in love and seducing without worry.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You probably work more to promote your business than to flourish emotionally! But one does not prevent the other. Do not hesitate to use your outstanding power of seduction to join the pleasant with the useful.

During the month for May 2019 for the zodiac sign for Leo:

The First Week,
The 1st, determined and combative, be careful not to force things or your destiny and approach your daily routine with philosophy rather than impatience!
The 3rd, an outstanding creativity, a brilliant eloquence, and a crazy charm? Enough to convince and seduce whoever you want today!
The 4th, the new moon puts you in the spotlight. Now is the opportunity to shine without asking too much, otherwise you risk experiencing some unnecessary disappointment!
The 5th, a punch to break everything but an enthusiasm to curb at least a little today when the best will be, a priori, the enemy of good!
The 7th, your expectations, your hopes, and your ambitions, be they emotional, social, or professional, are likely to be disappointed and frustrated today! Be patient in the face of bad luck, and wait for your time!
The 8th, 1st decan, it moves on the professional level and the exchanges are energetic and surprising. They could change everything! Be careful not to get upset if the debates are electrically charged because ultimately, they will help move the lines in the right direction, the one that will lead you to evolve!
The 9th, 2nd decan, guided by a sure intuition, you lead your business, a priori, masterfully! 3rd decan, you reignite the flame, make inspiring encounters, and are able to express your exalted creativity. To satisfy your ambitions, however, avoid jostling those around you too much!
The 11th, it is by acting prudently and methodically that you will slowly but surely achieve your goals!

The Second Week
The 14th, you lead your boat so as to cope with the reality of a daily life that forces you to transform and today you can count on your charm to score points, mark minds, and why not, some hearts in passing!
The 16th, intuitive and skilled, you know what to say and what to do to steer your activity in the right direction and influence the vote around you. Use a responsible approach to everyday life to inspire confidence in everyone!
The 18th, you are at the heart of upheavals that could impact your destiny on all levels but you know how to play your trump cards to lead the debates and control, as much as possible, the events and the train of change that is currently accelerating. The full moon recommends that you reserve a little of your precious time for managing the stewardship at home, as well as for your loved ones who are clamoring for your attention!

The Third Week
The 21st, projects that take shape and ideas that fuse. You will know how to defend them with talent and generate solid support to help you achieve them!
The 22nd, bet on support in the shadows and discreet but effective strategies to push your pawns in the right direction and move the lines without revealing your plans and strategies too much!

The Fourth Week
The 30th, your undeniable charm helps you reach your goals and direct the course of action as you please. However, be careful not to overestimate your support if you really want to build on solid ground!
The 31st, it is by acting with wisdom, circumspection, and a sense of proportion that you will best meet your obligations and will then be able to cope with your workload and its consequent responsibilities!

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