Libra's horoscope for May 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Don't Go it Alone!
Until the 15th, Venus invites you to listen to your partner, you must mobilize and take everything into account. There may be misunderstandings within family but explain yourself gently. From the 15th, Venus exacerbates your sensuality and exalts your desire to have a good time, renew your loves, and put more fantasy in your life. But, Libra, be aware of what is expected of you and the importance of your presence at home.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): In Full Evolution (Revolution)?
Your approach to love and pleasure changes and evolves because Uranus, an explosive planet, overturns the codes and upsets or reforms your habits, even destroying a functioning that suited you but has now had its day. You must express loudly what you expect from your partner and your relationship, even if it causes a stir. Be ready to change and accept another version of the relationship that is less conventional but better suited to your current needs.

In a Relationship, you have trouble satisfying yourself with what you lived before. Your landmarks are upset in May. Especially around the 8th and 19th where, even if you rush the change, you will sometimes have the impression of not controlling anything. But you need to!

Single, you are looking for an extraordinary relationship, with strong moments. You are looking for someone who can shake up your certainties and who pushes you out of your comfort zone. There is no question of living bland loves but to instead of seeking novelty, someone that allows you to transgress certain taboos! A spicy wind of innovation could revolutionize the way you love!

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Approach Sensitive Situations Gently!
Until the 7th, you try to please your partner and meet their expectations. Then, Venus reinforces your desire for delicious everyday moments. You crave harmony, sensuality, and shared hugs. At the end of the month, you use your powers to break barriers within family. Use your sweetness to narrow the ranks at home around difficult situations or responsibilities to share with your entourage so you can carry them together.

In a Relationship, you have many assets to solve problems that interfere with your family relationships. Venus assures you of a nice complicity with others, bet on it to bring softness and harmony to your everyday life, soothe possible tensions and mitigate the impact of recurring worries at home.

Single, until the 7th, you can seduce and attract attention and mobilize yourself to appease a busy daily routine. Starting on the 25th, Saturn is once again strengthening family duties that have already been supported since last winter. Try to make the best use of Venus' power to move in the right direction and find soothing answers.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Take a Step Towards Your Partner!
You have to pay close attention to what you are told and what is expected of you. Venus favors an empathetic listening but it will not solve all your problems and you could even come up against the resistance of relatives who will not be sensitive to your proposals. Return to the charge on the 9th, then you have more chances to be heard. To respond to family solicitations, you have to change something, change your relationships and exchanges.

In a Relationship, Saturn weighs on the family climate until the 25th and urges you to bring solutions that are likely to make things change and lift the weight that weighs down the atmosphere. Supported by Venus, you will be able to open lines of understanding.

Single, Venus gives you a lesson in listening that attracts the graces of everyone but you will not necessarily get unanimity with your family. Including on the 7th, when your proposals will meet a cold welcome. Your messages will pass better on the 9th, but try to use all your conviction (the 14th) to respond as best as possible to the anxiety of your loved ones.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You will need to use all your good will, attentive listening, and a real desire to improve the family atmosphere to find solutions that work and bring peace or harmony in the household. It's up to you to play and win, knowing that you are a champion in diplomacy.

During the month for May 2019 for the zodiac sign for Libra:

The First Week,
The 1st, the current is struggling to pass between you and your loved ones? If you must not give up on being heard, consider listening to what you are told (at least a little)!
The 3rd, it is indeed by agreeing to communicate openly that you will best succeed at making yourself understood and closing the ranks!
The 4th, the new moon pushes you off the rails and sometimes off your hinges? To follow the movement without losing the reins, follow your intuition but a little less your impulses!
The 5th, if you do not lack any ideas or talents and even less enthusiasm it is not sure, however, that you are unanimous in the ranks if you impose your codes and methods on everyone without prior consultation!
The 7th, a risk of misunderstanding in family today if you listen only with a discreet ear to what you are told or approach the problems that currently plague the atmosphere at home too lightly!
The 8th, 1st decan, everything moves in you and around you and you feel that the moment has come to dare for a transformation? Why not today, when ideas are on fire and doors are opened?
The 9th, 2nd decan, listening to your feelings you know what to do and what to say to move the lines smoothly and change the daily grind casually! 3rd decan, you will seduce whoever you want today if you do not forget to take into account the concerns and advice that we give you!
The 11th, it is by acting properly and aiming for efficiency that you should bring order in your family today!

The Second Week
The 14th, you evolve in resonance with the needs of the community and can communicate effectively and skillfully to win the game. Build on your ability to listen and hear to hit the mark!
The 16th, flair and a sharp sense of the strategies to put in place for everything to work well in your everyday life? 2nd decan, in May you have strong assets to harmonize the world around you!
The 18th, 3rd decan, you have the opportunity to transform what needs to be within your family, to evolve your bonds in the right direction. Do not miss any opportunity to act and influence your entourage. 1st decan, surprises of all kinds? Whether emotionally, creatively, intuitively, or subtly, hang in there! It will shake and move! The full moon invites you to fully develop your potential, and why not, claim (with measure) the right reward for your merits!

The Third Week
The 21st, you know better than anyone to defend your ambitions and you have an outstanding eloquence to convince those you need to relay your projects and ideas!
The 22nd, offensive, inventive, and a priori effective, you will have a priori no difficulty scoring points, marking minds, and rushing into the movement of change.

The Fourth Week
The 30th, give up seeing too big and prefer to initiate the changes on the program without making too much noise or sparks. In short, do everything smoothly!
The 31st, it is a good idea to tackle in a conscientious way what gets stuck in your family. This is how you will best succeed (2nd decan) in coming up with effective solutions to current problems.

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