Sagittarius's horoscope for May 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Charismatic!
Venus exalts your power of seduction at least until the 15th! This is the opportunity to rekindle the flame and search for your soulmate, with all the chances to please whoever you like. Jupiter, present in your sign of which he is the master, reinforces your influence and encourages your daring. From the 15th, you will serve your entourage and you will redouble your good will to help them. Also take advantage of this period, Sagittarius, to reinforce your emotional or familial successes.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): It Moves!
Uranus has caused a stir in your loves and now brings changes to your daily life. Whether you have broken or built a bond, welcomed a child, or decided to move, count on Uranus to rush the events. You have to adapt, change your pace, or your lifestyle. Upheavals take shape but nothing problematic if you decide to transform your existence yourself.

In a Relationship, no question of living on a daily basis according to the same parameters, something must change now! You could decide to move or change the rules at home! If it's a new job, you'll jump on the bandwagon! From the 21st, you listen to your partner and you agree on what is essential: your need to change things.

Single, you do not stay still, events rush and force you to react to external demands, they urge you to transform your existence. If you want to change everything, you do not lack opportunities to sweep away the past and start all over again!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Everything Goes Well!
You instill a sense of well-being, security, and harmony every day that helps narrow the ranks at home. You use your intuition and your way of presenting things to value your loved ones and make everyone find their place. You respond to everyone's needs with delicacy and your good will bears fruit, ensuring a serene, peaceful and tender atmosphere. Make sure you keep this pleasant climate alive by not having a discussion that can cause trouble and manage your budget wisely.

In a Relationship, your gentleness in managing the daily routine contributes to the peace at home and to spending a month without problems, in harmony with your entourage. You settle any possible disputes without problems and you have no trouble finishing the month smoothly. But do not start idle discussions and spend without excess.

Single, you enjoy this cloudless month to do what you like and to meet the expectations of your loved ones. You also think about improving your environment and your living conditions to evolve in harmony with yourself and others. Pay attention at the end of the month: let the others speak and manage your budget closely!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st) : Charm and Some Excesses!
You do not lack charm or influence over your entourage but your nature pushes you to exaggerate your powers and exceed your limits, especially financially. You think you may be irresistible but do not spend too much or you risk becoming penniless. Certainly, you are able to shine in love but beware of a dangerous recklessness, remember that all fun has a cost! Fortunately, you get back to common sense and put your daily life back on track.

In a Relationship, you tend to want to satisfy your desires without suffering the consequences but you risk being disappointed: each pleasure or excess will have a cost! Certainly, you will exercise your undeniable attraction on your partner but is that a sufficient reason to put your finances in danger? You have to tighten your purse strings!

Single, you could have nice encounters in May, you're endowed with a great charm, enjoy it but do not believe yourself above everything. Stick with common sense rules to govern your finances. If you think only of pleasure, you will one day or another be held accountable!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Venus reinforces your power of seduction until the 15th and increases your desire to improve the atmosphere. Enough to spend the month with your best assets so you can live in harmony according to the needs of each person. One rule to follow: do not go beyond the bounds of what's reasonable.

During the month for May 2019 for the zodiac sign for Sagittarius:

The First Week,
The 1st, you certainly do not lack aplomb to praise your merits and defend your interests but would be well advised today to take into account some inalienable limits (financial?) that could restrain your possible impulses!
The 3rd, ideas by the bucketload, an irresistible charm, and an outstanding power of seduction? You have undeniable assets for defeating but if you want them to serve you rather than scare your entourage beware that they fear the way you start with a bang and your other excesses of zeal!
The 4th, the new moon invites you to roll up your sleeves, cooperate, and serve the common cause as much as your own. Also take the time to decompress ... at least a little!
The 5th, do not abuse a striking force that will not necessarily be to everyone's liking today when your obvious radiance could end up serving you if you channel it creatively and then effectively!
The 7th, a little disappointment and/or frustration in the air today for a 3rd decan who has a hard time being content with ... little. Try to calm your inner fire if you want to win!
The 8th, 1st decan, everything is moving now ... and fast. Whether it's your daily life, your work, or your quality of life, hang on! It'll shake you up. In the end it's for the best from the moment you do not resist what comes but agree to join the movement!
The 9th, a great ability to bring order and peace. Whether in family or in society, your affability is wonderful and your good will ... makes miracles! If you make sparks in love, turn on the flame, and fall in love at first sight, do not use this excitement to do anything ... especially in terms of expenses where currently, everything is not allowed for you!
The 11th, it is well by managing your budget wisely and so closely that you will hold the road and/or raise the bar happily!

The Second Week
The 14th, your power of seduction could well make an impression and help you score points in love and in business, if you manage to stay (at least a little) in line today when your radiance has no limits!
The 16th, you have the art and the way of getting your messages across and winning votes. The result? Harmony reigns within family and elsewhere!
The 18th, it is well by reasoning with your impulses and desires that you will manage to put order in your business and manage your budget without exceeding it! Continue! Expect to be shaken up, surprised, or to surprise everyone around you today (and this month) when everything is going fast and big decisions could be made! The full moon invites you to take a break from a demanding daily life! Take the time to relax, but also ... to think carefully about the ins and outs of your actions and words!

The Third Week
The 21st, do not hesitate to engage and maintain an open dialogue: this is the best way to take gauge feelings and gather the opinion of others on what happens to you or you decide for yourself!
The 22nd, you do not beat around the bush when it comes to making the changes that are announced, or you mobilize unreservedly to jump on the bandwagon!

The Fourth Week
The 30th, if you engage with the other, you will have no trouble convincing. Everyone will be well aware of the efforts you make to harmonize the bonds and close ranks at home!
The 31st, if you follow the evolution of your accounts closely and you do not exceed your budget all will go well. Do not abuse your power of seduction to force anyone's hand or anything!

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