Check your horoscope for September 2023

Written by Daisy

The signs of earth and water continue to benefit from the influxes of Jupiter in Taurus. They encourage them to go ahead and seize the opportunities that arise. Besides, it brings them better self-confidence, comfort, and the pragmatism that makes them successful. However, from the 5th, Jupiter does the same thing as Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury in retrograde.

As Taurus is a particularly slow sign, this retrograde can be felt strangely. Those concerned may have the feeling that everything is advancing at the speed of a snail. This slowdown may be worrying for some, but it is not a big deal. If you find that things do not start as expected, take the opportunity to make some adjustments. Seize the opportunity and reflect on what you have undertaken. Learn more about the subject. On the 16th, with the direct resumption of Mercury, things will begin to settle. It will not be breathtaking, but better will be felt.

As for the signs of fire and air, they still have the support of Venus in Leo, which is associated with Mars in Libra. However, the planet of love has been reversing since last month, and it ends on the 16th. This retrograde can create uncertainties, misunderstandings, and miscommunication. So, if in the first part of this month, your wishes are not fulfilled, do not panic! Wait calmly, and above all, do not allow yourself to be overcome by doubts. From the 16th, things are back to normal. Although these energies are favorable, some natives may have some obstacles to overcome. Leos and Aquarians will have to settle with Jupiter in Taurus if they want to achieve their ambitions. Gemini and Sagittarius will have to face the challenges of Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, gives importance to details and times.

With six planets in retrograde, this September is not exemplary for speed. Everything will take forever. On the worst days, some will be dizzy. Messages, keys, and papers will be lost at the wrong time. Beyond that, the retrograde causes delays and misunderstandings. It encourages you to think more carefully and take a break to breathe after a long period of activity. It recommends an analysis that avoids errors and which, therefore, leads to comfort and security.

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