Your seasonal horoscope for Summer 2018

Written by Daisy

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A summer that is everything... but calm! Communication goes off the rails from the end of July but will resume its course freely from August 19th, unexpected openings in which to rush for some, opportunities to take off for others and invitations to patience for others still, no chance of spending the summer purring in the sun or lazing on the beach. Or, at least not for long! A season that pulsates, that puts us to the test and keeps us in suspense. A summer to unfold then as consciously as possible not to miss a crumb. Try to remain master of the game without giving in to the temptation or forcing your way. An exercise that is not necessarily easy to try but possible to succeed. It's up to you to play this summer to get the season off the ground and start the fall with a lot of fanfare!

Whether you reside in the northern hemisphere (Europe, United States...) or in the southern hemisphere (Latin America, South Africa...), the earthly sky and the astrological predictions are the same for the whole world because we all live on the same planet.

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