Aquarius, your love horoscope for Summer 2019

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Love: It's a Full Program!
You have cravings in the early summer, but then you want to take care of the common good and to serve those you love rather than satisfy your desires, dear Aquarius. In August, Venus encourages you to listen to each other to reconnect with a helpless complicity, close ranks, or commit to a recent encounter. Keep a sense of measure between August 21st and mid-September, you will have trouble channeling your appetites and you may ask too much. At the end of summer, you seek to reach someone, evolve your links, and give them meaning.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): It's Booming!
You are currently looking to break with family patterns that weigh on you, you start the summer ready to send your messages smoothly on June 27th and July 8th: you bend over backwards to make everyone happy. Caution is recommended (the 11th and 29th of July and the 2nd and 16th of August): the current no longer flows between you and your loved ones, strong tensions appear, even if you do your best to smooth things over, the climate is not looking good. It is time to clarify the situation that has dragged on for a long time. At the end of August and the beginning of September, you will find a way to find solutions that are suitable for everyone. At the end of the season, Venus will invite you to broaden your horizons and gain altitude.

In a Relationship: whether you're separating from your partner, moving, or changing your life, count on this summer to get things moving. It will not always be comfortable but you can put an end to a situation that prevented you from moving forward. Clashes are inevitable but they will clarify things and allow you to manage your relationship effectively.

Single:, as a family, this summer you have to face a reality you are trying to avoid. If there are differences between you and others, do not avoid confrontations. Empty your bag, this is the best way to close the ranks on better bases or to go away having tried everything. Roll up your sleeves and turn the page without delay and without regret.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Don't Take Off Without a Belt!
You are overflowing with projects at the end of June but you tend to lose a sense of reality. Stay anchored to make your dreams come true. In July, you want to live in harmony with your entourage but you are faced with a painful past. Memories that you wear like a ball and chain drag you down, you get depressed but you will have a hard time avoiding it and it will integrate into your personal history. You can count on your inner resources to enchant the everyday and you will be able to connect yourself harmoniously with others. It is an ideal time to openly express your feelings with the certainty of being heard. In September, do not be fooled by miracles if you want to make something happen with your heart. Do not miss out by overestimating your powers or your means.

In a Relationship: you have to stay in touch with reality this summer to achieve what you care about. Exciting projects catch your attention and you want to share them with those you love. But make sure that you have the means to bring them to fruition and avoid disappointment. You will then be able to turn a page without the risk of misdirection.

Single: you aspire to project yourself into a future that inspires you and you receive support to carry out your exciting plans. But do not neglect any details and take the necessary guarantees before opening a new page of your life.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): You Understand Each Other Better!
Inner turmoil destabilizes you but pushes you to a necessary introspection, you have difficulties managing your daily life and overcoming moments of depression. Despite your good will, you have to deal with moods that darken the picture and confront you with the need to understand what is holding back your development. Speak with your loved ones, you will get information that will help you see more clearly in early August and soothe your mind. The current will pass well on the 14th, it will be the perfect time to go on vacation. In September, bet on your sensuality and your desire to probe your inner world and make experiences that will seduce you and reconcile you with yourself.

In a Relationship: Pluto sometimes pulls you back to a past that prevents you from tracing your path freely. Take advantage of the summer to face your demons, you will have the peace of mind to get closer to your partner and to approach the beginning of September in agreement with your inner world to better understand yourself and to bloom.

Single: Pluto is looking for you in July, it bypasses your desire to flourish but do not try to avoid the questions he asks you. Turn to what makes you feel guilty or destabilizes you. In August, this does not prevent you from making beautiful meetings and feeling in tune with yourself if you accept your shadows rather than reject them or be ashamed.

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To broaden your horizons, do not forget to take stock. The past is inviting this summer and requires you to clear it or even mourn. It is time to let go to have your hands, mind, and heart free for something else.

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