Cancer, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: The Relationship is at the Center of Your Priorities!
The sky invites you to listen to each other. No way to make the same mistakes, dear Cancer, but to review your approach to commitment. Enjoy a reflexive atmosphere to examine how you work in love. Whether it is to bind yourself, to close ranks, or to make things happen, you have all the assets to blossom serenely and in accordance with the evolution accomplished.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): New and Exciting Perspectives!
You envision the future differently, in a less conventional way. Bet on the beginning of the winter to give substance to your projects, which concern a commitment around the 26th, 27th, or 30th of December. In early January, an act or contract could be signed binding you to the other for a while. You will do great projects together but do not go over your budget and discuss the details: some disagreements or misunderstandings. Fortunately, through creative exchanges, you find common ground, even if you make concessions not to scare each other with your ideas. An unexpected opening and an opportunity to start another life will surprise you at the beginning of March and will make everyone agree.

In a Relationship, if you aspire to renewal, you can count on the winter to carry out your projects, even if it provokes a few frights in your partner. However, it will have the assurance of strengthening your union by putting fantasy and the unexpected in your life.

Single, this winter, you will have the opportunity to make exhilarating encounters and bond with someone who resolves the past. Do not be afraid to get started but make sure to be polite so you can try it without frightening them and make sure they accompany you on your way.

2nd decan (July 25th - July 12th): It Hangs!
You want to build meaningful relationships at the beginning of the season and you want to commit or re-engage. Your exchanges evolve and your loves fill you up. Enough to marry or renew your vows? At the end of the month, make sure not to compromise the situation by directing the operations: your authoritarian attitude sows doubt in people's minds. Fortunately, in February, you will seduce, captivate your partner, and transport them to a world where they will stay as long as possible with you. But do not overdo it. Bet on your inspiration in March to make your partner dream. Motivate whoever you love, give them the desire to follow you. You will find the right arguments to convince them and begin together.

In a Relationship, this winter, you give a new breath to your relationship. It will help you strengthen your commitments by evolving. Aim high because your partner will follow but respect some reticence on their part. Your vision of love could enchant them this winter, no need to impose what you will get if you make them dream.

Single, you hope to meet the ideal love. Believe in your lucky star this winter: you turn a decisive corner towards an important commitment. But beware of a tendency to make decisions alone and to believe that you will be followed without question. Anything is possible during this winter that could take you far.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): The Relationship is in Question!
You do not hesitate to change the relationship at the beginning of the season (December 22nd). From mid-January, you are confronted with an ultimatum or a corner to turn. Make the decision to transform what must be so you are satisfied with your bonds or decide to finish the cycle and open another one. Whatever happens, expect important events that will decide your future. Bet on early February to raise the debate and give breath or a second chance to your bonds by acting wisely. Renounce challenging or manipulating your partner and re-establish a constructive dialogue. You will welcome it: the will to transform your private life will bring you to decide. Whether you are committed, re-committed, or separated, you will choose what is best and this version of love will meet your basic needs.

In a Relationship, you do not take anything lightly this winter. You go through an area of turbulence that allows you to discern what is good for you now. You envision the future wisely and you strengthen it if it is worth it or you turn the page.

Single, a real transformation of your vision of the relationship takes place this winter. It requires you to think about what you want to put in place. In January, Saturn and Pluto require you to ask serious questions that lead to a better understanding of what you expect from each other.

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The season promises to be animated in love. Prepare for significant changes in your private life. Whether you're committing, re-committing, breaking with a process, or going overboard, rely on your desire for genuine relationships to make the right choices.

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