Capricorn, your love horoscope for Summer 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Take a Step Toward the Other!
In early summer, you want to serve your loved ones and harmonize your family bonds. Starting July 3rd, it will be time to get out of your shell, dear Capricorn, to narrow the ranks with whom you love and to take into account their desires as much as your own. Count on a rising sensuality: Venus exalts your appetites. You will then seek to reach an ideal in love, even to find that special someone so you can finish the summer more concerned about making a place for yourself in the sun than abandoning yourself to the vertigo of love.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): Give of Yourself!
At the beginning of the season, you redouble your inventiveness to restore breath to your loves and your relationships. Uranus claims its share of fantasy and you are no longer satisfied with a routine that jostles you around June 29th and July 8th. Do not heckle the other who will not appreciate your methods. Too demanding, too authoritarian, you should qualify your requests and take into account the expectations or reluctance of the other not to cast a chill in the heart of summer or trigger conflict. Fortunately, you will be better inspired in late August and early September, you can better express your feelings and your emotional ambitions. Bet on this period to embark with the other in your dreams.
In a Relationship: at the beginning of the season, you make your messages pass smoothly and you stay attentive to the needs of your partner to share nice moments of complicity. But beware of certain attitudes that displease you: you are not patient and you impose your desires on your partner, even if they do not want to follow you. It will be better in late August and early September, an ideal time to close ranks around a renewed and shared vision of the relationship.

Single: Uranus exacerbates your thirst for strong emotions, you want a story that is out of the ordinary. There is no way to make safe choices but to try something else. You will have a happy hand at the end of June and beginning of August but then take care (the 11th and 29th of July and the 2nd and 16th of August) not to force anyone's hand or hurt anyone's feelings by imposing a vision of love that no one likes. You catch up at the end of August and beginning of September and you give the person you want to seduce the desire to try a story that escapes banality.

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): In the Making of Something Else?
You are full of good will at the end of June but you can not get your messages across without generating misunderstandings. Avoid making people feel guilty and try to get out of your armor to communicate constructively with your loved ones in July. Despite your desire to take a step towards the other, you have trouble sharing and listening to the needs of those you love. It is Saturn that pushes you to structure but you fold on yourself. You will be more comfortable in your exchanges at the end of July and in August, you will be able to connect to your inner world to communicate and share your desires. It will be time to open your heart and your arms. Caution is recommended in September if you think that everyone understands you without you needing to explain yourself, you risk being disappointed and generating misunderstandings. You need to rationalize how you feel about presenting your vision of the world in a way that reassures the other, not to worry about it. Soon, you will open a new cycle, you must prepare the ground wisely, not only guided by an inner dream that is inaccessible to others.

In a Relationship: bet on late July and August to get closer to your partner and have a good time together. Stay alert in July and September: the current is struggling to pass between you and your partner who has nothing to do with it. Get out of your bubble and impose nothing without making clear what you expect. This is the only way your partner wants to follow you.

Single: between Jupiter which has you making a new life project and Saturn which isolates you, you have difficulties connecting, letting go, and embarking on an adventure this summer. Between the end of July and the end of August, desire catches up with you and you could hit the mark. In September, do not compromise a recent idyll that will blur the landscape and your messages. Your attitude is difficult to decipher and the other might interpret it as a leak. It's up to you to see and know what you really want.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): See Yourself Clearly, First!
In full inner metamorphosis, you have a hard time escaping the challenges that destabilize you and abandoning yourself to the vertigo of love. In July, you aspire to take a step towards the other and you do everything to get closer to who you love. But these tensions persist and prevent you from sharing your feelings. At the end of July, the current passes better between now and mid-August, you express your sensuality, you get closer to your partner. In September, you can achieve some form of ideal, whether it is to raise the level of your choices or to try something that inspires you, you will want the other to embark with you on another kind of trip.

In a Relationship: you're not always easy to understand. This summer, try to take a step towards the other in July, even if it's hard for them to follow you as you go through areas of turbulence that are difficult to decipher. Bet on late July to clarify your intentions and mid-August to reconnect with a sensual intimacy that was becoming rare. In September, you'll use the right arguments to convince people you love to embrace a vision of the world that takes shape in reality.

Single: you do not totally escape the transformations that change your approach to the world, to each other, and to love. In July, take into account what the other wants to connect with you and make them want to love you as you are. At the end of July, if there is any doubt about your intentions, come back to what is stuck. You will relaunch the debates on the 25th and you will be understood at the beginning of August. Bet on an exalted sensuality to distract you in pleasant company. In September, you will seek a lasting story that meets your requirements and allows you to be yourself.

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You have to deal with influences that force you to change but do not facilitate the expression of your feelings. This is the time to wisely manage your exchanges and leave room for each other in your world.

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