Gemini, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: Transformation Underway!
In full metamorphosis, you are determined to evolve your love and, more generally, your exchanges with your entourage. As of January 13th, you are more concerned with shining in society than spreading eternal oaths. You find the taste to build between the 7th of February and the 5th of March, and you will end the winter aware of the interest in questioning yourself about the depth of your commitments. A break that will allow you, in early spring, to launch a new cycle of emotional expansion, dear Gemini, in full possession of your means.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Possible Revelations!
An awakening upsets your bearings early in the season and precipitates change. You manage events effectively and to your advantage. Your ability to approach change appeals to your partner who encourages you to move forward. Watch out for your strategies, which could awaken some people's mistrust. But if you bet on a tenfold intuition to make yourself appreciated, you will not regret it in February: you can seduce and convince. Hitherto hidden feelings are revealed, light shines on your loves, a difficult situation is clarified.

In a Relationship, Uranus invites you to reveal a hidden truth or to become aware of feelings that you dared not express. Developments take you one step towards love or enlighten you on realities that you refuse to see. Whatever your situation, you transform your relationships and you evolve by confronting reality.

Single, clarification is needed for the inevitable metamorphosis to materialize. Take advantage of this creative state of affairs to no longer base your affections and commitments on false pretenses. You must know who you are and what you expect from life and a partner.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Don't Abuse Your Excellent Assets!
You are more willing to achieve a professional ideal in early winter than to seduce, even if one does not prevent the other. In the process of negotiation, you have little time to devote to your quest for love, which will wait. Determined to dominate the situation, you could make some mistakes. Fortunately, in February, a benevolent sky protects your reputation and promotes your fulfillment if you do not train those you love in adventures that are too risky. Bet on your bright ideas to score points on all fronts: count on your determination and your ability to captivate whoever you want.

In a Relationship, motivated by a goal that catches your attention, you have in mind only the negotiations to be conducted to convince your entourage to follow you in your adventures. Reassure your partner by telling them that you are fighting for them too. You will avoid inconveniences if you do not abuse your popularity to make other conquests.

Single, a cause inspires you and ambitions take you away from a quest for love that takes second place. You spend more time convincing your superiors than pleading your case in love.

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): Enjoy your influences !
You do not spare your efforts to change your situation at the beginning of the season but, in January, you will face a demanding sky that will force you to transform and leave the past behind. A difficult transformation in your loves and your business. Enjoy your influence, in February, to evolve professionally but do not rely too much on the sky for an ideal life in love. Do not train anyone in transformations that you have to manage alone. At the beginning of March, your family and friendly projects may be upset by financial brakes but you will smile again by the 4th: some discussions are moving in the right direction, change is accelerating and metamorphosis is becoming more precise.

In a Relationship, the perfect season to change everything, starting with you. As of January, you break with a past cycle and this is the opportunity to steer your destiny in a more constructive way. Enter the movement because, if you resist, you will regret it: with the tandem shock of Saturn and Pluto, it works or it breaks.

Single, it's an ideal season to move on. Enter the dance and do not dodge transformations or corners to turn so you can soon be reborn, more aware of your priorities and rid of the past.

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Winter promises to shake you up a little, do not avoid these jolts, which will dust off your life, your loves, and everything else: hang in there!

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