Leo, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: Turn Towards Your Partner or Rather to Others!
Venus invites you to listen to your partner and those around you. From January 13, this delicious planet enhances your appetites and exalts your sensuality. It's time to express and realize your desires. Between the 7th of February and the 5th of March, you aspire to reach an ideal in love. At the end of the season, dear Leo, you radiate in society and seduce without committing yourself or reserving your favors only for your lover.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Other Priorities!
Until the end of December, Venus invites you to pay attention to your entourage. A demanding but rewarding daily routine mobilizes you in late December and early January. You have the opportunity to shine at work, and you bet on your magnetism on the 15th to catch everyone's attention. On the professional side, you can not wait for change to happen. Do not hurt anyone by showing too much interest in your business to the detriment of your private life: friction is possible. In February, you use your power of seduction to please at work. You do not think about maintaining your emotional relationships. At the end of the season, you can orient your professional life in the right way. In short, you strengthen your career rather than focus on your partner, who will have to wait for the wind to turn.

In a Relationship, too concerned about the work that mobilizes all your energy, you try to interest your partner in your business. Explain that the situation requires your full attention so that your partner will be forgiving and patient. You will need to avoid possible clashes around January 18th and 23rd.

Single, it is not this winter that you will seduce the most, you have neither the desire nor the time. You seek to free yourself from work that alienates you or to find a job that respects your thirst for change. You will link the pleasant to the useful this winter but you use your charm to get what you want on a professional level.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Connected to the Right Wavelength!
You aspire to change your life on the 7th, 8th, and 10th of January. You follow your intuition to blossom on all fronts. Count on a sharpened sensuality on the 23rd to taste the pleasures of existence. Avoid imposing your desires at the end of the month, so you don't compromise such a delicious atmosphere or disappoint. Fortunately, in February, you are back with the possibility of fulfillment: you attract luck and distill a soft and fusional atmosphere within your entourage. Do not fantasize about your relationship; be content with what you are given. You end the winter in osmosis with whomever you love. Take this opportunity to accelerate the changes to really feel in tune with the world and your loved ones.

In a Relationship, a season that's right for you to flourish, full of turns you want to take. If you do not force anything, this winter will spare you all the rigor and will keep you sheltered from bad weather. This is the opportunity to expand your horizons without jostling anything.

Single, you are comfortable this winter, surrounded by an entourage that appreciates your way of expressing your desires without violence toward anyone. At the end of January, avoid raising your voice to progress socially.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Wind in Your Hair!
At the beginning of the season, you make things happen as a family. But everyday life will be more difficult in January. Events occur that force you to face changes likely to shake you up. You have to turn a page, open another one, and rebuild what does not work anymore on new bases. You do not like this turmoil, but you have no choice. Fortunately, in February, count on Venus to approach life, endowed with a charm that tenderizes people's hearts and makes your task easier. At the end of February, moderate your ambitions. Do not ask too much so as not to reinforce controversy. Wait wisely for the arrival of Jupiter (March 3rd), which will unlock the situation and revive your social and private affairs.

In a Relationship, this winter, there is a lot of turmoil to deal with every day. In January, the wind rises and precipitates a crisis. Try to cope without dramatizing but don't take anything lightly. In early March, Jupiter offers you great opportunities to resurface.

Single, you do not have time to frolic this winter. You have to work to solve recurring issues that lead to a crisis in January. This is the opportunity to turn a page and rebuild your everyday life on a solid foundation, whether in family, in love or socially. From March 3rd, Jupiter puts you back in the saddle.

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This winter, you have the opportunity to evolve and flourish if you are not afraid to face, change, and renew your existence without losing your bearings to orient your destiny in the right direction.

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