Leo, your love horoscope for Summer 2019

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Love: Come out From the Shadows!
Some projects are important to you at the beginning of the season and you will think about it in July because you have an interest in taking a step back from your plans, your emotions, and your relationships which meet with restraints. A need for change fills your daily life. At the end of July, Venus reinforces your radiance, dear Leo, and accentuates your need to please and to love. Between August 21st and September 14th, you want to devour life and you will have great opportunities to satisfy your greed. At the end of the season, there is room for communication and tender exchanges.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Your Head and Your Heart is Elsewhere?
At the beginning of the season, you think about what to ask, understand, and implement to change your life. Your professional life occupies your mind, you need to evolve your business, and use your time differently, this has implications for your privacy. When you take a step back from your daily life it will allow you to progress, even if you do not have to impose anything or hurt anyone's feelings. Certainly, you do not lack influence over your entourage but avoid overdoing it if you want to succeed without damage. In late August and early September, bet on your talents to seduce. Starting September 14th, Venus allows you to finish the summer in style and pass your messages smoothly.

In a Relationship: you are obsessed with changes in the workplace, you thirst for something else, and there is little time for your partner. Explain to your lover what your current priorities are, they will understand. Despite everything, let them know that you still want to share something with them this summer.

Single: you have a fixed idea and this summer, your emotional life will wait until you change your business to influence your socio-professional environment and act as you please. Your quest does not stop you from shining but you have something else to do rather than seduce.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Avoid Escalation!
You have exciting projects at the beginning of the season but are they realistic? You should take the necessary step back to analyze them. You have trouble with limitations, restrictions, or frustrations that slow down the pace of your achievements. Do not veer and wait until the end of July and August which will promote your love and relay your projects. You will have no trouble being loved and you will be able to seduce successfully. In September, do not fall back in your way of taking your desires for orders and your dreams for reality otherwise, you will be disappointed and forced to review your plans downward for lack of resources. Do not ruin your flourishing loves and your power of seduction by asking too much.

In a Relationship: you want everything this summer and you want it right now. The sky protects your emotional life and gives you the opportunity to live strong moments but do not spoil this complicity by making promises that you will not hold or by speculating on unrealistic projects. Do not ask too much...

Single: this summer, you have the chances to anchor a recent idyll or meet someone that catches your attention. Bet on August to give the best of yourself and seduce but do not keep plans that are too enthusiastic, at the risk of being disappointed and even falling from up high in September.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Believe in Yourself!
You are changing. Whether it is to change your everyday life at home or at work, you have to analyze what disturbs or hinders this metamorphosis. In July, move away from the sounds of the world to take stock of the past year and learn from it. This period will not be jubilant but it will be useful to move forward and change in the right direction. Bet on the end of July to emerge from this dark period. In August, your indisputable influence will be worth it in love. In September, you will fully exploit your potential to enchant the everyday and guide it to your idea.

In a Relationship: you feel confused about your future, you doubt your ability to adapt or influence your daily life but you will seize this summer for your fulfillment. Think about it. In July, even if you isolate yourself or feel frustrated you will emerge stronger, in possession of your means and in August, you will captivate your partner. In September, aware of your value, you will be noticed on all fronts, both social and emotional.

Single: you feel uncomfortable with a fate that you find hard to pin down. In July, give yourself a break, take the time to analyze what restricts your abilities and your room for maneuver to rebound in August and dazzle or seduce whoever you please. You will approach the start of the season, more sure of yourself and ready to assert your strengths to consolidate all your successes.

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Summer tests your ability to preserve and develop your private life without losing sense of reality or trust in yourself. A challenge that you will win hands down if you think before acting.

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