Leo, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

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Love: A Seasonal… Spring!
Your desires are picking up pace and your libido may seek to satisfy them without delay. Until April 20th, indeed, a sensual Venus tends to boost your appetites of all kinds and put a little spice in your antics and warm the atmosphere significantly. Then count on this delicious planet to accentuate your desire to evolve the relationship or to find that special someone! No (no longer) question of settling for little or a love without interest! If between mid-May and the 9th of June, your desire to please is mainly in society or to support your interests in the office, you should end the season excitedly, dear Leo, with a thousand projects in mind and at heart. Thus, between June 9th and June 21st, you will not stop building tender castles in the sky!

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Change… is Now?
If, since the beginning of March, you seem primarily mobilized by jolts that undermine your professional security (whether of your own doing or coming from your hierarchy), then you could face a new life project that could include your emotional life, which is also subjected to an evolution starting at the beginning of the season. Thus, around March 27th, you will feel the urge to move the lines in love so that your story, or what you might want to live, also corresponds to the deep need you currently have to transform your destiny (often effectively in this right)! Between April 20th and April 28th, you will then be keen to lay down the principles on which you wish to evolve your intimate life, which in one way or another will have to follow this upward movement (and in any case be resolutely different from what you lived before)! Between May 15th and May 23rd, count on Venus to accompany your initiatives and affectively color everything you undertake (the 18th?)! At the end of the season, you are ready to win the moon and especially to realize your dreams and projects that should take shape from the 22nd!

In a Relationship in any case, your life is changing fast, and this spring expect to see your love story follow suit. It seems, indeed, impossible that your relationship does not suffer the effects (a priori positive) of your decisions to change the register on the professional plan. Perhaps, you can marry a totally different way of life and functioning! Trust your partner who should be present in the face of your aspirations and who could even share your desire to radically renew your environment!

Single, this spring you are definitely ready to invest in yourself to change your job, your career, even your life!. You can hope that your aspirations in love will evolve together! So most of the time you will express the need to find someone who is able to embrace your thirst for novelty and redraw the outlines of an existence that truly reflects who you are. You should not lack an opportunity to meet inspiring people, likely to match your desires and accompany you on the way!

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Everything is Possible… or Almost!
Your life is evolving noticeably, but maybe slowly but surely, towards something else. More connected to the invisible world or your intuitions and feelings, you should go through this spring connected to your desires (unconscious or not) to move the lines according to a program that suits you! You will be particularly inspired (and in love or filled with yearning) around April 10th when Venus titillates your senses and boosts your desires! Between April 28th and May 7th, you will be keen to achieve your aspirations and improve your emotional life. While between May 23rd and 31st, Venus may serve your social ambitions more. So you will use your charm to move the lines and get what you want on all levels: a subtle harmony but no less important based on your deepest desires! You should then finish this season (rather favorable to your development in all respects), looking toward the future. Indeed, count on Venus between the 17th and 25th of June to meet your expectations. However, the only instructions to respect in June: keep one foot on the brake and don’t believe that your desires are orders (the 16th)! Just do everything possible to achieve them by not forgetting to keep your feet on the ground! (the 18th)!

In a Relationship if, at the end of the season (around the 16th of June), you avoid taking off without a belt and believing that everything is possible without taking into account certain limits imposed by everyday life and stewardship to manage, you might feel somewhat disappointed. No need, however, to go there! Indeed, this spring tends to facilitate your impulses, to feed your dreams, and to guide you to the best from the moment you mobilize. So that what you wish ... arrives without losing contact with the ground nor overestimating your powers too much!

Single, you have this spring many assets to attract and retain your soulmate. A mesmerizing magnetism and an ability to influence the world around you to meet your desires. So you can charm whoever you want in April (around the 10th), between April 28th and May 5th and late May (the 30th)! Same goes for those in a relationship. Stay alert and well aware of the limits not to be exceeded in June! Including on the 16th, where, if your seduction reaches its peak, it could also mislead you and push you to presume too much of your powers. On the other hand, if you remain conscious of the limits and restrictions to integrate in your impulses, you will have all the chances of ending the season in song, and especially, in love!

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Some Shadows Darkening the Picture!
If Jupiter continues to boost your desires, your libido, and to promote encounters, a return of an old flame, and other festivities until the beginning of June then you risk, however, suffering from the pressure of Saturn throughout the season that could darken the picture a little! Thus, if you have the power and warmth from this giant of the zodiac to take off in love (April 13th, May 3rd, May 9th, and May 14th) you will feel, a little too often for your liking, the injunctions of everyday life, which is likely to bring you back to Earth and expose you to certain limitations and constraints that may slow down your enthusiasm and your blossoming this spring! So you might not appreciate the atmosphere around April 10th and May 7th when frustration could win and your libido could be a little cold. But count on the current favors of the sky, if not to pass between the drops, hope, however, that your energy of life and your thirst for love and being loved, your creativity, and your powerful magnetism will allow you to go through the season without too much clutter and why not ... well accompanied!

In a Relationship Whatever happens, Jupiter guarantees that you will have some strong exchanges with your partner and you will maintain a nice complicity between you (March 21st, April 14th, May 3rd, and May 14th) but this does not guarantee a safe passage! You will, indeed, have to deal with everyday hazards that could tarnish and hold back your impulses and give you the feeling that you are often a little too nailed to the ground for your liking! Try to relativize these pitfalls and, if possible, remember only the good times….this spring!

Single, you will certainly not lack charm or assets to attract whoever you want in your nets this spring! Just sometimes a little support from a daily routine that might require a lot from you. You will sometimes put a spoke in the wheels and then prevent yourself from blossoming without limits! Additional work at the office, too much family responsibility? Try, as far as possible, to answer it without, however, allowing yourself to be invaded or overwhelmed by the events and thus to protect your private life!

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A season where you will not be bored! Whatever your decan, you will have to weave between the pitfalls (overestimation of your possibilities, a daily routine that is too demanding, the acceleration of change) and follow a tempo that will lead you to the summer without you having seen the time pass. Be sure to hold on and do your best to corner and manage your planned route without losing sight of your course or taking unnecessary risks!

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