Libra, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

Written by Daisy

Love: Preoccupied by the Other!
Venus reinforces your charisma at the beginning of winter, you seduce without effort. You bend over backwards to make everyone happy and manage stewardship to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. From the 7th of February, there is room for dialogue. You answer the other's desires or you establish more cordial exchanges with someone you like. At the end of the season, Venus dopes your sensuality, dear Libra. Enjoy it to end this winter season warm and determined to make everyone happy.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): Changes to be Made on the Spot!
You appreciate the conditions of this early winter: you make decisions that can renew the setting in which you live, a move, a birth, an expatriation, everything seems possible and allowed. You will do your best to speed up the change, but do not forget to talk to your friends, your children, and your family before making an important decision. In February, you can convince and act without provoking controversy or hurting anyone's feelings. At the beginning of March, happy, unexpected events support your initiatives, unless you yourself reserve a surprise for others. At the end of the season, your daily life will be evolving to reach your goals.

In a Relationship, you want to take your family out of habits that put them into an unbearable routine. Count on the very dynamic and creative winter weather to bring renewal to your home. But, do not force anyone to appreciate your ideas that are out of the ordinary.

Single, a good season to review the way you operate in family or leave the nest. Bet on the winter to break with your habits, even if it means moving away, or expatriating yourself.

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): In Osmosis!
You want to reach an everyday life where everyone would understand and evolve together smoothly. You do the right thing at the beginning of January to get there. You are successful on the 23rd: an excellent mood reigns at home. You could move or arrange your living environment, unless you decide to enlarge your family, put a baby on the road, or invest in your home. But, don't impose anything on anyone at the end of the month, so you don't cause trouble or disappointment. Fortunately, in February, you can count on a favorable situation for your initiatives and a proper family agreement, everything you undertake is realized. Stay tuned to others and do not overestimate your possibilities. In March, you swim in the happiness of reaching what you hoped for, even if it means raising your tone to convince your entourage.

In a Relationship, winter gives you access to a dream life and gives you the opportunity to fulfill your wishes: a daily improvement and a cozy nest to build to live well surrounded.

Single, it's time to improve your living environment and your family exchanges. You will do your best to keep your home close to perfection and to welcome those who love you. You do not lack enthusiasm or inspiration to create the right atmosphere and feel in harmony with your entourage.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Nothing is Simple in Family!
You fight early in the season to win a family case. Whether it is to obtain financing, to move, or to improve your home. Bet on the end of December to accelerate the movement. In January, the state of affairs pushes you into your entrenchments. Everything that has been hidden or buried could emerge, be examined, and settled. You have to turn one page to open another, stay objective, and constructively tackle the issues. Manage the daily life serenely to solve what is problematic. Do not manipulate anyone and remain honest in your exchanges to make the most of Jupiter, which helps you find solutions likely to suit everyone and to ease tensions. Positive decisions are made at the end of the season and allow everyone to get back on track.

In a Relationship, do not skip annoying questions and address the issues that hinder your family serenity. You will have the opportunity this winter and will have to dig into the sensitive topics to get out of recurring tensions that pollute your private life. From March, under the influence of Jupiter, you flourish more freely with your family.

Single, this winter, expect to be caught up in turmoil. It is necessary to clarify your family relationship which plagues you, to lift the loads that are too heavy to bear and prevent you from blooming. Enjoy the Jupiterian wind that rises on your decan to warm the atmosphere and help you change around March 20th.

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A family atmosphere that you improve to feel like you belong and evolve at ease. Some will benefit from support to achieve this but others will have challenges to overcome to lift the weight. But you can count on Jupiter to warm up the atmosphere in a better family life.

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Posted the 19/01/2020 at 05h56
Your Libra Horoscope really seems true to me.. I am very happy & all the best to you dear Susan

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