Pisces, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

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Love: Some Serious Assests Up Your Sleeve (and Under Your Fins)!
At the beginning of the season, an outstanding charm could allow you to hit the bull’s eye or delight your partner who should hardly resist your advances? Indeed, you can count on Venus, present in your sign until April 20th, to put on the show and some promising sparks in love! Then? Until mid-May, you will deploy all your potentials and will be able to take advantage of them to praise your merits whether in private or in society! Between May 15th and June 9th, there will be a communication favored by a climate which will exalt your capacity to convince and especially to seduce. The end of the season should be spent caring for your loved ones or improving your conditions and/or living environment! Until July 7th, Venus will strengthen your sensitivity (already great) and your natural propensity to listen to those you love, dear Pisces, and that you will then be eager to fill!

1st decan (February 19th -February 29th): A Freedom of Tone that Pleases You!
Since the beginning of March, Uranus exacerbates your desire and your need to communicate differently with your loved ones (and not just them)! If you have been complying for a long time with agreed exchanges and do not dare to go beyond the frame, to say aloud what you’ve been thinking quietly, or even if you want to shock your loved ones, let's bet that under the free-spirit of the zodiac you’re tempted, this spring, to turn a corner! Smoothly at the very beginning of the season (end of March) when (on the 27th) your natural charm will allow you to get your messages across without causing too much excitement around you and, why not, even to seduce whoever you want and whoever will please you! You will probably be a little more insecure and on the offensive around April 22nd, May 8th, and 18th when you will not fear to openly express a difference in opinion (originality), which could move more than one! You will not reject your responsibilities and will know what to say and what to do on May 22nd to open the debates in family and show affection. No question of falling into a lukewarm romance but to affirm your emotions and claim them. On the 22nd, we should appreciate it even if your method of communication is a little more candid. This option could ultimately attract the attention and reinforce the interest of your loved ones on June 7th and at the very beginning of summer (the 27th)!

In a Relationship you have recently started a new way of communicating with your partner and the others and passed the first shock, no one should actually complain. It must be said that you will know how to do it and you can often count on Venus this spring to smooth things over and soften or qualify your remarks. Finished with doublespeak! Welcome the freer expression of who you are, and why not, some crazy ideas. Enough to actually awaken your duo and blow a new wind on your relationship in general!

Single, bet that this spring could well favor the unprecedented encounters with people who will be out the ordinary and that you will be able to charm while going off the rails yourself! Your mind and your heart open up and claim more fantasy. This spring, do not hesitate to dare to express who you are differently and certainly more in line with what suits you. This is the best way to build authentic bonds and shake things up a bit and your habits. Those who love you will follow and those who you seek to seduce will no doubt succumb to your arguments!

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): Demand A Lot But Not Too Much!
From the beginning of spring you have a power of seduction that is sublimated by the state of affairs? Let's bet that you will make an impact on everyone around you on April 2nd and 10th, when your magnetic (magical) aura may attract and hold the attention of whoever you want and wish to keep! Do not, however, take advantage of your obvious strengths to try to reign supreme at home where, if you abuse your assets to lead everyone, it is not sure we appreciate it. Especially on April 27th where misunderstandings and conflicts could arise! On the other hand, you should enjoy being popular in May and will be able to express your emotions and feelings (the 9th, the 16th and the 30th) with delicacy and poetry! Take advantage of your mesmerizing radiance to seduce and reinforce your influence on those around you! From May 25th, Saturn, who retraces his steps, invites you to build the future by redoubling seriousness and avoiding any excess of ambition or greed! You will follow his wise recommendations without hesitation on May 31st but will be more unwilling in June where you may be tempted to overflow the frame around the 16th! If you are then tempted to ask too much, you risk being disappointed. On the other hand, if you agree to reduce the wind in your sail a little on the 18th, all will be well and you will be able to concretize what inspires you sooner or later!

In a Relationship a spring where you will have no trouble enchanting your partner and where you can both be together in the land of love without delay! Just be wary of a tendency to ask too much of a life that will consent to give you a lot but could, at the end of the season, bar your passage a little if you believe you are allowed everything! To avoid these hazards, don’t over do it and don’t pull too hard on the rope!

Single, you have solid gold assets to find that special someone this spring where your bewitching and almost irresistible charm should help you hit the mark. Only one reservation to take into account? Saturn urging you to give up any excessive expectations in June when, if you think you can win the moon, you could be disappointed around the 16th and be put back in your place a little rudely on the 18th!

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): In all Circumstances use Diplomacy!
A charm that you will use early in the season to serve your interests in society (March 21st)? However, be careful not to abuse it if you do not want people to take umbrage with your attempts to manipulate. This will not necessarily be very well perceived by your entourage (the same day)! Venus will sublimate your aura between April 12th and April 20th when you can’t get enough support from this delicious planet (the 12th and 14th) to try to counter the elements that could oppose the realization of your projects (the 10th, and 13th). Do not be too greedy or impatient on the 7th when some of your desires could be frustrated! On the other hand, if you agree to start reasoned debates (on the 11th, 14th, and 18th) you have much more of a chance at convincing and then hoping to open the future as you wish! So, bet on a communication to manage smoothly and on your magnetic aura to captivate whoever you want and rally the votes in early June (the 3rd) without much difficulty! Caution and reflection is strongly recommended at the end of the season (June 18th, 19th, and 20th) where, if you want to hit the mark or bring your partner into your adventures, you would be well advised to be polite and propose rather than impose. Otherwise, you risk scaring them away or antagonizing them. It would be a shame because it’s avoidable if you just lower your tone and take kid gloves!

In a Relationship a season to unfold as much as possible in good conscience and without forcing anyone’s hand! Certainly, you aspire to a better future but will have (at least until May 25th) to contend with Saturn who tends to limit your desires for expansion a little and invites you to reduce the wind in your sails. This spring, to prevent yourself from succumbing to a possible feeling of frustration in love (and elsewhere), try to calm your impatience and follow the injunctions of Saturn without rebelling. You will eventually realize what tempts you but not without delay or precautions to take! Enough to build on solid ground and perhaps to reassure your partner!

Single, a season that will certainly give you a bit of trouble and will often keep you under wraps. If you feel a little constrained by the elements and not really free then instead of rebelling take it down a notch! This is the best way to work for the long term, to attract the attention of whoever you like without scaring them!

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A spring that is everything but lukewarm where you will have it at heart to go forward on all fronts! In love, you can count on Venus to plead your case and promote your development but do not take advantage by believing your are allowed everything!

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