Pisces, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

Written by Daisy

Love: The Future is in Line of Sight!
Venus invites you to take stock of the past year on the emotional level, count on it to exalt your power of seduction. It's an opportunity to shine, experience moments of love, and make plans. You want to express your desires, have a good time, and explore all the possibilities. You finish the winter, open to dialogue and willing to exchange with your entourage. This season promises to be emotionally animated, dear Pisces.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Projects Underway!
You have only one idea in mind in late December and early January: develop projects and discuss their achievement with your loved ones. With a communicative enthusiasm, you are unanimous and you open a future that inspires you. Bet on your charm around January 20th to convince those you love to follow you. However, avoid manipulating to get what you want, at the risk of generating misunderstandings. Fortunately, you resume the dialogue (the 5th of February) and, at the end of the month, nothing and nobody resists your arguments, your ideas, and your energy. You'll see results around March 8th and debates turn to your advantage at the end of the season.

In a Relationship, you persuade your partner to follow you on new adventures that you want to live as fast as possible, but let your partner speak and take into account what you are told: the future will open as you please. Take advantage of Jupiter to draw up the final list of your projects.

Single, your energy, your appetite for life, and your vision of the future seduce and make people want to accompany you. Count on Jupiter to motivate your troops (late December and early January) and on Venus to seduce in mid-January and early March.

2nd decan (March 1st -March 10th): A Dream Becomes Reality!
You aspire to realize an ideal and define your future according to your dreams. You advance with confidence at the beginning of the season and your charm unites the support of your relatives, who support you in your initiatives. Do not disappoint anyone at the end of the month by controlling everything or imposing your vision of things on an entourage who does not appreciate your impatience. Fortunately, you have a beneficial sky in February to convince your audience to believe in you and your future. Feel free to win the vote, you'll have every chance to launch your projects. You finish the season, determined to accelerate the movement to realize your dreams.

In a Relationship, winter lets you take action. Jupiter, between January 15th and March 3rd, offers you many opportunities to make something happen that is important to you. A life elsewhere or otherwise, more in line with an ideal. Whatever your project, it will evolve this winter and leave the field of fantasy. Use your assets (charm, enthusiasm, and determination) to go from dream to reality.

Single, enjoy the winter to build a future that inspires you. You can count on your loved ones to support you. Under the tutelage of Jupiter and Venus, you make exhilarating encounters and unwind the season, carried by your projects and accompanied by your faithful ones.

3rd decan (March 11th- March 20th) : The Game is Worth the Effort!
You do not lack any punch or desire at the beginning of the season to transform your existence into a new vision of the world and the future. But, in January, your ideas must be sorted using reason and your projects reviewed and corrected without concession. An intense moment that will assess your ability to withstand the challenges that may shake up your beliefs. Bet on Venus to strengthen your power of seduction in early February to influence you favorably. But, late in the month and in early March avoid coming off as too greedy. Fortunately, starting on the 3rd, Jupiter helps you plead your case on the 11th and the 20th of March, your dreams take shape, supported by those you have convinced.

In a Relationship, you are too mobilized by building the future to give all your attention to your partner. You will be more inclined, this winter, to get the support of all than to flirt. But you fight for a good cause: yours.

Single, in January, it's time to close one page to open another in a period of turbulence. This demanding season ends better than it started, with an opening to the future and the opportunity to realize a project that gives you the strength to brave everything.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This winter, you have the opportunity to turn a corner. Whatever the obstacles, believe in yourself and mobilize your energies to achieve what matters to you and inspires you.

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Southern Hemispheres are a day a head than you why don't you realise we don't want to read a winter horoscope in summer your audience is not just the America's , why don't you incorporate the whole world ... just saying ...
Dear Shakti, whether you reside in the northern hemisphere (Europe, United States...) or in the southern hemisphere (Latin America, South Africa...), the earthly sky and the astrological predictions are the same for the whole world because we all live on the same planet. You can read all of horoscopes no matter what is your location. Have a lovely week,
Posted the 18/01/2020 at 16h51
Southern Hemispheres are a day a head than you why don't you realise we don't want to read a winter horoscope in summer your audience is not just the America's , why don't you incorporate the whole world ... just saying ...
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