Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: Full of Goodwill!
You want to strengthen your financial situation and you develop your potential to improve your income. However, rely on Venus this winter, dear Sagittarius, to convey your messages smoothly to an entourage with whom you communicate harmoniously. From January 13th, you are sensitive to the family atmosphere that you warm and soothe. From the 7th of February, your love will mobilize your attention and your care. In March, you will make every effort to please everyone with generosity to beautify the everyday and meet the needs of those you love.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Break with the Routine!
At the beginning of the season, you are focused on your work more than to surround your loved ones. However, it is for them that you work, to improve a daily life that you can not stand. Bet on your thirst for novelty to please everyone in mid-January. Be polite so as not to offend anyone or generate tension within your family. In early February, you know how to convince your loved ones of the legitimacy of your plans and redouble zeal to achieve them. Count on a good surprise, a situation that evolves to your advantage around March 8th, and debates that end on the 22nd.

In a Relationship, you have too much to do this winter to devote yourself to your partner who, however, appreciates your efforts to evolve the daily routine. You spend your energy wisely, even if you do not have time to coo. You mobilize out of a routine that weighs on you and you seduce your partner and make them want to support you.

Single, you won't discover that special someone this winter. Unless your energy attracts the attention of someone who is interested in you. You are very attractive between the 7th and 16th of February: Venus dopes your charisma, it's time to open your eyes and your heart.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th) : A Dream at Your Fingertips and in Your Heart!
You have in mind an ideal no doubt related to your private life: the desire to move or to contend differently with your universe. In early January, you put all the chances on your side and get the means on the 23rd: good news helps you improve your living conditions. Do not ruin your chances at the end of the month: an authority that is too sharp could displease your family, if you play the boss by not conceding to any challenge. Fortunately, in February, you have an opportunity to gain unanimity around you; everything will seem easy. You will end the season pleased with yourself, in harmony with your entourage and determined to accelerate change.

In a Relationship, at the end of January, avoid raising your voice and ruling over your loved ones. This winter, you meet ideal conditions to guide your family life according to your wishes. Take advantage of Jupiter (between January 15th and March 3rd) to increase your budget and build an environment that will please everyone.

Single, if you have a move or an investment in mind, then this winter you can count on the support of Jupiter to achieve your dreams. Between mid-January and early March, this giant planet offers you the opportunity to settle at your ease and prepare a cozy nest. Note that between the 16th and 25th of February, Venus accentuates your chances of pleasing and your thirst for love and being loved...

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): It's Going to Rock!
You are determined to get the means to flourish (December 22nd) but you must face a crisis and you make important decisions around January 12th. Some pages close and others open, nothing is easy or simple but you can get out of a stagnation that weighs on you. In early February, you manage events in a more creative and constructive way. As a family, you should pass your messages gently. Caution is recommended at the end of February and early March: the current does not go well between you and others. Avoid dead ends and destructive power relationships. Fortunately, Jupiter offers you the opportunity to improve your living conditions, at the end of the season, a restart should help you express your fiery temperament.

In a Relationship, winter will not go by without you having to settle accounts with the past and question yourself. What are your true values? What matters most to you? Expect to be shaken up in January, having to contend in February, and be reborn in March.

Single, if you dreamed of hibernating, you have to give it up and prepare to see your bases and benchmarks shaken up in January. However, this is an opportunity to ask the right questions and determine your priorities. The crossing is likely to be hectic but you will congratulate yourself for having held on since March: the doors are opening and hope is reborn.

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Improving your living conditions is your main goal. You do not hesitate to give of yourself to achieve your ambitions and you receive support from Jupiter to back your efforts. Try to make good use of it and avoid losing your temper and good manners.

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