Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Fall 2019

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Love: In Search of More and...Better!
An early season that gives pride to your projects! Are you enthusiastic (a little too much?). Will you try to keep your feet on the ground (at least one) before you embark on the adventure? From October 8th, you would be well advised to take the time to reflect and look back on the past year to learn the valuable lessons and soon begin a new cycle of your emotional and private life. As early as November 1st, Venus invites herself into your sign (until the 26th)! Count on this delicious planet to boost your charisma but also your desire to love, to be loved, and enjoy the moment!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): In need of Air on the Daily!
You thirst to break with a daily routine that bores you, is too heavy, and still seems to want to bind you, weigh down your wings, hinder you, and curb your freedom of movement! Whether you are eager to break with the daily grind in the family or at the office, take the time to weigh the pros and cons in October and especially to sort out what is essential! No question, indeed, to engage or disengage on a whim (the 7th, 12th, and 28th) that you could regret! You must think deeply and take nothing lightly! Count on Venus in November (between the 1st and 9th) to radiate in all directions and exercise your outstanding power of seduction without reserve! But that does not stop you from containing a growing impatience that is not necessarily a good counsellor (whether it is about action or expression of your emotions) around the 24th, where a feeling of frustration could push you to accelerate the movement and maybe ... to make mistakes! Fortunately, the end of the season looks much more conducive to your initiatives on all fronts.

In a Relationship: if your intimacy has suffered from exasperation or simply the tiredness of a daily routine that frustrates you, you will have the opportunity this fall to turn a corner and to reconnect with the fantasy you missed. Indeed, this autumn is about defending your own case and reaching a level of personal satisfaction that will give new meaning to your existence and maybe at the same time, some color to your emotional life! If you have to hold your horses until November, you can finally hope to take off and move the lines from the end of November!

Single, you're likely to be more concerned about making changes in your life so that they'll stimulate you again and stop you from falling apart than by a busy, emotional quest this fall even if one does not prevent the other! Concentrate on what to do (and not do), change (or keep) and do not rush! From the end of November and December, your horizons widen, doors open, and money comes! Enough to finally put rumba in the air and give you the taste to live and love without feeling excessive constraints around you!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Patience!
Under the tutelage of Jupiter (until mid-October) you are overflowing with enthusiasm, and you do not want to miss any opportunity to realize what is important to you! Bet on the end of September (the 24th and 28th) to blithely build castles in the sky but do not forget to check if you have the means to realize your ambitions before you launch them! You might lack some discernment and especially the means that are necessary for the full and complete realization of your aspirations on the 22nd and 25th of September and around the 7th of October when you could be faced with a harsh reality! Don't worry! You will agree to come back down to Earth, to grapple with what bothers you and disrupts the implementation of your projects from mid-October. At the end of the season (on the 8th, 11th, and 19th) if you keep a cool head on your shoulders and do not overestimate the possibilities that are offered to you, you could well end up succeeding and finding the means to go forward! Jupiter confirms this happy trend from mid-January finally giving you the means to achieve your dreams!

In a Relationship: you are fighting this fall (and in fact for a while) to bring more comfort and a more harmonious living environment to your loved ones, but you will still struggle to achieve it. Expect to be a little countered, weighed down, and held in your tracks by a lack of means but do not let yourself be discouraged. You will win! Perhaps by reviewing your projects a little but with the certainty that they will satisfy you and make those you love happy! Until the end of October, hold your horses and then restart the process. You will then progress slowly but surely towards your goals, and you will be able to wait calmly for Jupiter to boost your accounts (from mid-January) and achieve everything effectively!

Single, this fall, you will be especially interested in setting up a cozy nest and/or finding peace and harmony within your family! This season, put the odds on your side to achieve this by agreeing to contend with some prohibitions and limits (financial) rather than brave them, and wait patiently for the wind to turn to begin to achieve your ambitions! From late October, Saturn will prove to be an excellent rudder to steer your destiny in the direction you were hoping! If you follow these wise tips and agree to reduce the wind in your sails a little, then everything will become possible! Especially from mid-January when Jupiter takes over from Saturn and should not fail to open the floodgates (financial in particular)!

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st) : A Head and a Heart Full of Projects!
You aspire to change your material life, perhaps to more fully express your talents or to exploit them again? Watch out early in the season (September 26th and October 1st) not to get carried away by your dreams at the risk of taking off without a belt and feeling a little disappointed, if not frustrated (October 14th) if things don't go as planned! However, you can count on Jupiter (until December 2nd) to help you turn a corner and open a new page of your existence! The future could then be very bright (on the 13th), especially if you take the time to think, weigh the pros and cons, and carefully evaluate the means you have (the 19th and 25th) to open it as you wish. You could (on the 30th) experience a lively satisfaction and the certainty that destiny plays well with you!

In a Relationship: Jupiter plays at your side between the 13th of October and the 2nd of December! This is the opportunity for you to initiate a new cycle of expansion on all levels! However, try to moderate your ambitions a little and not to exceed your means. Enough to optimize your potential without risking hitting a wall! Bet on the dynamism of this giant of the zodiac to openly express everything you care about, starting with your love! These statements could bring you great moments in November (especially around the 24th)!

Single, no (no longer) a question of living at half measure or below your means? Why not, if you agree, however, to take into account certain contingencies (financial?) that are unavoidable and likely to slow down your flight or require you to review your projects a little. A trend that will not prevent you from starting a new cycle in beauty that could reach its peak in November. Around the 24th, open your eyes and especially your heart. You are not safe from a meeting or even a crush!

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A season where a new future is emerging for many (for all?)! However, be careful not to rush too much and or put your foot on the brakes too much either. Just enough to ask in good conscience and set up the bases of your new destiny, preferably for a long time!

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