Sagittarius, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

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Love: Focus on Your Private Life!
You have the resources that Jupiter lavishes on your sign (and his own) to move forward and try to open a new life cycle and write a new chapter in your story! At the beginning of spring, you give your attention to your family, taking care of answering their call and their expectations but also to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones. From April 20th until mid-May, Venus gives you a charm that you will exercise without too much reserve to captivate your partner or someone you like! Beginning May 15th, you will put your obvious goodwill at the service of the community, dear Sagittarius to best manage the stewardship and you should approach the end of spring open to your partner and the world around you. Venus will help you (between June 9th and July 3rd) to tenderly exchange with each other. A trend to fully exploit so you can end the season smoothly.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Do Pedagogical Work!
Since the beginning of March, you aspire to organize (reorganize) your life differently so you can have more free time to dispatch your activities as you please, change jobs for one that you like more, or respects your desire for freedom more, or for more autonomy. At the very beginning of the season, it is by thinking about your family that you will work in this direction and will be able to explain to them your aspirations which will be recognized by your loved ones at the end of March (the 27th)! In April (between the 20th and the 28th), you can count on Venus to boost your magnetism and make you irresistible even if your goal is still to free yourself from certain guardianships that curb your thirst for something else. Then you will not be stingy with your time and your love and you will take some risks to move the lines from April 22nd but also on May 8th and 18th. You will do pedagogical work at the end of May (the 21st) to explain to your loved ones that, even if the changes in place seem disturbing or at least amazing, you act to feel better in your skin in the end and, therefore, by extension, more in phase with the world and the others! Your strategies could then be effective from May 22nd but also around June 7th and in early summer (June 27th)!

In a Relationship even if you are acting in your interest to lift a veil that has been hindering your daily life for too long, you should be able to explain it to others this spring and especially to your loved ones! Emphasize that by accessing a new organization in your life that is more in tune with your inner rhythm, you will also be more available to them because you will be freer and happier. Throughout the season, Venus will provide you with the right arguments and the right tone to explain and convince whoever you love, to believe you and follow you!

Single, the only way you can be happy right now is to advocate for your own cause. In particular to distribute your energy and your time at your leisure! Count on Uranus to offer you some great opportunities to change the game to your advantage and Venus to persuade those around you that you are making the right choices. The best way to reassure your entourage and why not hit the mark and seduce someone you like by boasting the charms of your new life project?

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Be Careful to Found Your Projects on Solid Ground!
You aspire to improve your living conditions and settle (you and your loved ones) in a cozy cocoon, a place, or a living environment that promotes the development of your clan and allows you to personally flourish at your leisure. This spring you have serious assets to achieve this and, why not, reach an ideal that inspires you! You will approach the season a little (too much?) perched, on your little cloud from which you will imagine, think about, and build castles in the sky. If you actually have something to entice and captivate your entourage with (the 2nd and 10th), beware, however, of a tendency to take off without a belt at the end of the month (the 27th) where the other could push you into your entrenchments and more or less make you come back down to Earth (at least a little)! Between April 28th and May 7th, Venus will give you an irresistible charm that will earn you some success in love and will inspire you with what to say and what to do to influence your loved ones around the 9th, 16th, and 30th where your arguments should really make an impression and seduce. Perhaps also because you will then take reality into account more (and your means especially) on the 31st! However, be careful in June (the 9th and 16th) to channel your enthusiasm so that it does not overflow and could then encourage you to exceed the limits and build plans that you cannot keep. Fortunately, you can count on Saturn from the 18th to reconnect (without necessarily too much care and attention) with reality!

In a Relationship you dream of a home sweet home that fulfills your wishes and the expectations of your tribe? You will struggle, this spring, to find or improve your place of life, which responds to this thirst for harmony. The only risk to avoid taking? That of seeing too big and being disappointed because you are called back to order and reason. So to go through the season on the right track without being tempted to go into a tailspin, take into account your means but also the advice of your entourage!

Single, you dream of founding a home and perhaps at first to find a place of life likely to accommodate your future spouse and family. Or maybe you just want to harmonize your relationship with your loved ones. Whatever your wish this spring, you will have major assets to realize it from the moment you do not ask for it or promise too much, at the risk of being disappointed or let down.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): Be Polite!
If your enthusiasm helps you seduce early in the spring (the 21st) then do not overdo it at the risk of putting a little electricity in the air! If you don’t lack any assets or charm to convince then it is probably the means to support your proposals and unanimity that are lacking (the 10th and 13th). Even if on the 14th you seem decidedly irresistible! If you really want Jupiter present in your decan until May 25th serve your case in love and avoid asking too much because currently Saturn tends to restrict your possibilities (especially financial) and, therefore, limit your potential for expansion. Perhaps for you to build your future on foundations that you are able to dig yourself, in solid ground! Bet on Venus (between May 7th and 15th) to shine and seduce in all directions. Assured success on the 3rd, 9th, and 14th but predictable frustration is possible on the 7th if you keep playing with fire and trying the devil! You will know how to use your aura wisely and put your goodwill at the service of an evolution that then complies with the rules in early June (the 3rd) but make sure at the end of the season to want to impose your wills on anyone on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of June, when you risk not only making friends but also loves!

In a Relationship a season that is a little delicate between surging enthusiasm, crazy dreams, and limited means. If you want to achieve what is important to you without alienating your partner, any more than your loved ones, take care to act with diplomacy and a sense of proportion that will dispense you from attracting the wrath of those around you (or your banker)! It is, therefore, appropriate this spring to lead the dance with faith but not necessarily to want to move the lines or the levers pronto. This way you can be sure to keep going the distance!

Single, Jupiter gives you a magnetism that should allow you to attract whoever you like in your nets! But to be sure of keeping them, you should think of calming your inner fire a little, which makes you want to burn red hot all season long. We will trust you in the long term if you manage to move the lines and make your projects a reality without jostling or offending anyone!

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This spring, you will have whatever your decan) the heart to initiate a new cycle of expansion, to settle down, or live more at ease with your family or in an environment likely to promote your personal development. Bet on your abilities and cosmic instances to settle elsewhere or otherwise without asking too much and pulling too much on the string of the sky!

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