Scorpio, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: Turned Decidedly Towards the Other!
At the beginning of the season, you are there for your family where your attention will be solicited and appreciated. From January 13th, there is room for seduction. Venus makes you want to love, you communicate, and establish bonds that are a little less conventional. In February, you will put yourself at the service of your entourage, you seek to please, and you contribute so that the daily routine evolves harmoniously. You end the winter in style, dear Scorpio, close to your partner and determined to spice up your exchanges.

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd) : Free the Game of Love!
At the end of December, communication redefines the roles within your relationship, you break with old habits to avoid falling into trouble. You pamper your exchanges, the debates are warm, animated, creative, and productive. Around January 15th, love and seduction give you the opportunity to put passion in the air. But do not short-circuit the family atmosphere, your thirst for novelty is not necessarily unanimous. In symbiosis with your partner, you can both decide to revitalize your relationship by releasing yourself from habits and beliefs that are now alienating. The end of winter promises to be amazing, even exhilarating. Everything now seems possible and allowed.

In a Relationship, the flow passes between you and your partner. You aspire to enrich your love life by freeing it from beliefs or games that no longer amuse you. Your best weapon: an intense, creative, and constructive communication at the end of January and beginning and end of February. But do not mix your intimate life with your family life, stay discreet about your agreements.

Single, you mobilize at the beginning of winter to make others understand what you expect from the relationship: feel free of your commitments, have fun, get out of the ordinary, be surprised, and amaze whoever you like. The game of love will find takers this winter and will allow you to finish the season in love and free. A paradoxical situation, but not for you.

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th): Irresistible!
You establish fusional exchanges with the other at the beginning of January. Romanticism and understanding bring you closer to whoever you like. Seduction, warmth, sharing, and great feelings invite you into a relationship that enchants you but that you preserve by showing yourself not too demanding, too possessive, or a spendthrift. Fortunately, in February, an exceptional situation allows you to hover in the higher spheres of love. Keep in mind, however, the realities of this world because, at the beginning of March, the beautiful encounters and great romances are inviting in this glamorous winter. You affirm your feelings and redouble your ardor so that the dream lasts forever.

In a Relationship, Jupiter invites you to express your feelings that, this winter, take center stage. Between your big romantic flights, however, make sure (at the end of January especially) not to impose anything on your partner and even less to squander your resources while trying to maintain the dream.

Single, this winter, you enjoy a complicit sky. If you are looking for a soulmate, go into the adventure and rely on your exalted communication in early January to seduce. Alchemy should make you successful by the 23rd. Do not waste everything at the end of the month by showing off or spending all your pennies: this could drive that special someone away rather than keep them here. Count on February and early March to strengthen your chances and end the winter in love.

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd): Complicated Exchanges to Clarify!
You approach the winter, determined to dig into the topics that plague your relationships with those around you. Pass your messages smoothly in late December. Even if, in January, you will not escape a questioning in your family, it is time to clarify your communication. Stay honest to end with troubled, complicated situations that weigh on your exchanges and your morale. In February, Venus helps you warm your bonds but, despite your efforts to appease the spirits, some clashes are possible in late February and early March. Fortunately, Jupiter comes to the rescue and helps you reconnect with love: the current passes, and on the 20th, a frank explanation will help restart the debate in the right direction.

In a Relationship, this winter, you have to deal with annoyances that exasperate or even depress you. In January, communication is difficult, you try to stay composed in early February but you are confronted with misunderstandings and incomprehension in late February and early March. Wait until Jupiter promotes more constructive exchanges to narrow the ranks in love and family.

Single, tension is palpable and the exchanges are rather tense: your environment criticizes you and unclear situations compromise your relationships. Do not back away from the shadows to be clarified, you will welcome it at the end of March. You will end the season freer to take an interest in your love life, which will regain its brilliance.

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Winter forbids any form of hibernation. Between great oaths and high aspirations, you do not have time to get bored. Your love life promises to be lively, exhilarating, and sometimes a bit complicated. You mobilize to close the ranks without hurting anyone's feelings.

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