Scorpio, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

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Love: Major Assets!
An outstanding charm and success to predict at the beginning of the season where your radiance should not leave anyone indifferent! Starting April 20th, Venus will encourage you more to show your willingness to help and serve on a daily basis than to promote your intimate life (although one does not prevent the other)! Then (between mid-May and the 9th of June) enjoy the favors of this delicious planet to open and maintain an open dialogue and without further ado to listen to your partner (and others) and their needs! You should end the season boosted by a libido that wakes up and will only ask to express and flourish until early July! Take the opportunity to have a good time and end the spring with a magnetic aura that may well allow you to start the summer in style!

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd): Nothing Will be Like Before!
Since the beginning of March, Uranus makes you want to put a little rumba in the air and especially in your relationship, or to find that special someone who will spice up your life and keep the relationship alive! Count on this spirit of the zodiac to actually keep the relationship swinging a little (a lot) but a priori for the best if you have chosen or choose the right partner. Someone who will be able to distract you and not get lazy! At the beginning of the season (between March 26th and April 4th), Venus will endow you with an outstanding charm that will overcome you, and help you reconnect with the complicity and fantasy that you lacked (March 27th)! Venus will promote your commitment to support your loved ones and your entourage and help them between April 20th and April 28th, but may also help you get your messages across smoothly (on the 22nd) if lively discussions destabilize you a little! Then there is room for dialogue between May 15th and May 23rd, where you are not safe from a surprise or an unprecedented statement around the 18th! You will be keen to understand each other and what invites you (the 21st) to evolve the bond whatever the cost (the 22nd)! Whether you want to close ranks (in case of dissension) or make sense of your couple, you will not drop anything in June (the 7th) and start the summer decided to broaden your horizons and stimulate your partner so that they want to follow you (June 27th)!

In a Relationship whether it's your own doing or your partner’s initiative, get ready this spring for the lines to move! You will have many advantages for this renewal to go well if not smoothly and will have every interest in keeping the spirit and the dialogue ... open if you want to make the most of stimulating energies that will leave you little respite! It is, therefore, a priori time to mobilize to change what needs to be for your relationship to take on color or go elsewhere!

Single, if you still have the same expectations in love, expect to see them evolve this spring when Uranus awakens new needs and the desire to be amazed by the other. You do not risk making a choice of comfort in love but to opt for someone that shakes your feathers, shakes your certainty, and then promises stimulating exchanges and different frolics. It will undoubtedly be necessary to break with a tradition of fusion to approach the other and the relationship differently without requiring, for example, that they belong to you! Think about it before embarking on the adventure!

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th): The Best Will be the Enemy of Good!
You aspire to live an ideal story and follow your intuitions in the matter. They should be good advisers, this spring, provided you keep your feet on the ground at least a little and control your desires and expenses! Indeed, Jupiter tends to favor your financial expansion but also your generosity or your greed for beautiful things and immediate satisfaction! Venus will increase your chances of hovering in April, no matter where you are already tied. If you are in search of your soulmate, you may well win around the 10th when your romantic aspirations could be filled. However, be careful not to be too demanding on the 27th where your desires will not necessarily be orders for whoever you love! Between April 28th and May 7th, you will redouble your zeal to improve the daily routine and, at the end of the month (between May 23rd and 31st), you will have the art and the way of captivating whoever you want. You like having intense and inspiring exchanges (the 30th)! Saturn who retraces his steps will help you anchor your words and proposals on solid ground on the 31st and say no idle words! You will not have too much support from this austere planet in June to help you avoid or at least calm your impulses, which could result in excessive spending on the 16th. Fortunately, this is quickly channeled by the 18th through the strict measures of Saturn, who will take charge of bringing you back to consciousness, weighing you down a little!

In a Relationship you could go through the season a thousand miles off the ground and carried by an idyllic vision (sometimes a little blurry) of love and the story you live (or dream of living)! Nothing seems to want to break the magic of a spring that elevates your feelings and promotes your emotional development, if not a pronounced trend to take off without a belt. So stay cautious and avoid spending too much to maintain your stay in paradise that could otherwise cost you more than expected and cause you to return to Earth in a way that is not necessarily pleasant in June!

Single, bet on spring to break with loneliness and find your soulmate. You imagined it? Your dreams and fantasies may well materialize this spring where the frequent association between Venus and Neptune should make some miracles possible! You will not be asked to light and maintain the flame but it will be in your interest to keep matches in your pocket when the alarm sounds, it will mean you are boundless. So it would be a shame to spoil your chances by ruining your budget or flooding the other with a love that could scare them. On the other hand, if you stay at least a little in line, everything is possible and allowed!

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd): Some Shadows in the Picture!
Between April 4th and May 25th, Saturn may often call you to order and especially to think carefully before acting even if this means weighing on your morale and your wings from time to time! At the beginning of the season, however, you will enjoy a great popularity within your family (the 21st) if you do not hesitate to mobilize to improve the conditions (framework) of life for those you love and for yourself! Be sure, however, to consult with your partner before you start if you want to avoid friction! Venus will exalt your charm between April 12th and 20th, when you will know what to do and what to say (on the 12th and 14th) to seduce your loved ones or whoever you want to attract in your nets! Try, however, to install your initiatives in the daily routine with a prior reflection if you do not want that people are wary of you (the 10th and 13th)! In May (between the 7th and 15th) you say and do beautiful things but you might run into a wall and your actions could flop around the 7th, where frustration awaits you! Give up throwing your money out the window and put your potentials and means at the service of the community rather than your own pleasures! This is the best way to get the recognition you claim (the 3rd, 9th, and 14th)! There is room for dialogue between May 31st and June 9th. This is the ideal time to get your messages across smoothly, close ranks, or form tender bonds with whomever you like (the 3rd)! At the very end of the season (June 18th, 19th, and 20th), do not believe yourself stronger than everyone else and please avoid imposing your will on an entourage that will probably not let you get away with it!

In a Relationship Saturn tends to shrink your field of vision a little this spring and flatten you! Not really fun as a companion but, a priori, essential to better frame your opportunities and sometimes restrain your momentum. Jupiter tends to exalt your desire to live a notch higher and sometimes ... too high. Whether in love or in business, you will need to accept reducing the wind in your sails from time to time this spring if you want go through the season without trouble and approach the summer in full possession of your means!

Single, if you have many assets to hit the bull’s eye this spring, you would be well inspired to sometimes withhold your impulses that could make you exceed the limits and especially your means. Count on Saturn to bring you back to reason even if you will not always appreciate the often frustrating injunctions of this austere planet. However, no matter what you think Saturn is only acting for your...own good!

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A spring that will not leave you indifferent! Whether to make you dream, think, or shake your feathers, you do not lack any opportunity this season to have a good time but also to question yourself ... and the relationship! Enough so that it lasts a long time if it rests on solid ground or that it evolves if you feel its flimsy!

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