Virgo, your love horoscope for Winter 2020

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Love: Your Priority This Winter!
You multiply your initiatives at the beginning of the season to please your entourage in demand. Beginning January 13th, you will redouble your attention for your partner and you will listen to others. Between the 7th of February and the 5th of March, Venus exalts your desires and you finish the winter with the intention of changing your exchanges, to reach a form of ideal in love, and to break with the routine, dear Virgo, so you can give color and meaning to your emotional life.

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): Mind-Blowing!
You aspire to broaden your horizons and reconnect with fantasy. You have the opportunity to make things happen this winter. In late December and early January, count on a beautiful sky to warm up the atmosphere, rekindle the flame, make memorable meetings, or think about having a child. Listening to your partner's desires, you pleasantly surprise, and you make them love you, but do not overdo it, at the risk of annoying them. In February, bet on a creative dialogue. You mobilize to spice up your loves. In March, pleasant surprises await you around the 8th and the 22nd.

In a Relationship, you are determined to reinvent your daily life. You do not lack ideas or daring to lead your partner in adventures that break with the routine. Prepare yourself, this winter, to try something else and live your bond differently.

Single, you are looking for strong emotions and a bond that reconnects with your "crazy Virgo" side. The sky offers you new experiences that please you and gets you out of the banality.

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): Touchy-Feely!
You vibrate with an intense love at the beginning of winter. Oaths and eternal commitments that assert themselves in January. Do not disturb such a beautiful happiness by showing yourself as authoritarian, we could doubt your sincerity. Fortunately, in February, a dream situation allows you to comfort your partner with the idea that your love will last forever. This is the perfect frequency to declare your passion or reignite the flame deliciously, commit, re-commit, and turn a corner. But do not demand that your partner feels and expresses the same feelings as you. The end of the season fills you up and transports you to a perfect world, you are motivated to finish the winter warm and in your lover's arms.

In a Relationship, count on a tropical winter to reconnect with the vertigo of love and the desire for fusion. The temperature climbs this winter under the influence of Jupiter who, between January 15th and March 3rd, gives you the desire to get closer to your partner.

Single, a golden season to try your luck. You could find that special someone with who you will want to commit.

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): It's Not a Long, Calm River!
You do not hesitate to provoke animated debates from the beginning of the season: your relationship suffocates you. You aspire to understand what animates your impulses and sometimes troubles the game of love. You will be shaken up in January, an important turning point in your emotional life is looming. You have to clarify the gray areas or base your stories on a more solid foundation, you will not escape this analysis that puts your love stories to the test. In February, count on Venus' support to engage in a constructive dialogue with the other, although you will have to wait until March to regain confidence. Enjoy a Jupiterian magnetism (from the 3rd) to succumb to the charm of someone who touches you.

In a Relationship, the situation invites you to dig deep and explore your emotions to determine what disturbs you and makes you doubt everything. It's time to end a relationship that does not flourish or make sense of it. Then, you will benefit from an ideal situation to meet someone more in line with your new needs.

Single, tired of always reproducing the same destructive schemes? You must understand how you work in love to resume your quest more in tune with who you have become. Opportunities to fall in love arise and give you the opportunity to test your progress (in March).

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