Virgo, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

Written by Daisy

Love: Listening to the Other!
An early season when Venus invites you to listen (and stay) listening to each other! Until April 20th, indeed, this delicious planet will promote tender exchanges and will allow you to close the ranks and reconnect with a complicity that will weld your relationship or encourage one to form! From the 20th (until mid-May) an exalted sensuality and/or increased desires could push you to ask more from the other, dear Virgo, and to search for emotions that are strong enough to meet the expectations of a more demanding libido! Between May 15th and June 20th, you will aspire to change the relationship in the right direction (that of a common development). It will be a question of surpassing yourself and renewing yourself together or finding that special someone! You should, however, end the season may be more prone to taking care of your reputation and improving your image in society than sowing your wild oats (although one does not prevent the other)!

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): Choose Exaltation!
Since the beginning of March, Uranus exalts your ambitions on all levels and love will certainly not escape this rule! If you had a tendency to settle for little ... for a while, then expect to change your tone and your wishes! Uranus tends to exalt your thirst for novelty and to live stories that are "excessive"! No more being lazy in love or settling for something bland. It's now about putting rumba in the air and spice in your emotional life. At the very beginning of the season (around the 27th of March) you will make every effort to forge rewarding and evolving relationships and exchanges with the other! In April (between the 20th and the 28th), Venus boosts your libido and endows you with an irresistible magnetism! In May (between the 15th and the 23rd), there is room for the love that inspires you, lifts you up, and surprises you (the 18th)! In June, you may spend more time exercising your charm in society. Enough to score points, mark minds, and why not, some hearts in passing!

In a Relationship if you had the feeling of falling asleep and even getting bored with each other, count on Uranus this spring to wake up and boost your relationship! You will redouble your audacity and zeal to astonish your partner and re-route them, and in a certain way arouse their attention and stimulate your emotional life. A priori, successfully you will have ideas and new and exciting proposals to rekindle the flame and spruce up your momentum and frolic!

Single, this spring you have a quick wit and a crazy desire to break with the habit and methods of seduction that have had their day! No more (no longer) a question of settling for little, or resigning yourself to live stories that are… so-so... It will now be about surpassing yourself, to push back some restraints, fears, and limitations that prevented you from believing that you deserve the best! It's up to you to play and dare!

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): Reality… Do You Know It?
You will probably be looking for the perfect relationship this spring and will not lack any assets or opportunities to improve your bonds or create those that suit you and satisfy your thirst for perfection! Between April 4th and 12th, count on Venus to exalt your exchanges and place you on the same wavelength as the other (the 10th)! Nothing will then seem able to scramble the frequency. Beware, however, at the end of the month (April 27th) of a tendency to want to lead everyone a little. This could bypass such beautiful harmony! Between April 28th and May 7th, you will let your desires run wild and share some emotions and moments of intense pleasure with your partner. Between the 23rd and 31st of May, you embark for the land of love or find that special someone (the 30th) but this exaltation will not prevent you from taking the relationship very seriously on the 31st, when Saturn, who retraces his steps, urges you to come back down to Earth a little! Moreover, in June, if you tend to take off without a belt and seek to improve your living conditions (and that of your loved ones), regardless of your means and especially your limits (the 16th), beware of uncontrolled slip-ups that are fortunately quickly curbed by Saturn who, from the 18th, should be responsible for getting you back on track, to a vision and reasonable apprehension of things!

In a Relationship a season that is almost perfect if we exclude your slightly excessive capacity to want to ignore the reality this spring and to live a relationship away from the contingencies of this world! So, to hope to unfold and end the spring without risk of being disappointed, please do a lot and avoid asking too much! Especially if you want to invest in real estate or expand the family. Whatever your ambitions, confront them with reality and your possibilities before committing yourself!

Single, this spring you will enjoy exceptional conditions to start an inspiring story and hover in high places. Venus and Neptune seem, indeed, to be plotting your happiness and providing you with the material needed to take off. Just beware of some tendencies to skip over your limits and be cautious! So, if you want to invest, avoid doing it in a castle in the sky and if you're going to engage, do it really knowingly and after careful consideration!

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): Not Exactly Simple!
At the very beginning of the season (end of March) you show an apparent willingness to serve the family cause (the 21st), and you avoid being too bossy at the risk of spoiling the atmosphere! In April beware not to criticize your partner (or your children) too much, they will not appreciate it (the 10th and 13th), and they will let you know! Rely on attentive listening and being respectful of the other (the 12th and 14th) to try to get everyone to agree and then blossom together without too much reserve! In May, (between the 7th and the 15th) Venus tends to boost your thirst for gratifications of all kinds (sensual in particular). But, on the 7th, she will come up against the cold censorship of Saturn that will force you to control and channel your emotions and desires to build on more solid ground rather than in the wind or under the influence of passions that are not necessarily very reasoned nor durable! You will take a little distance concerning the events and your loves. Then under the Sun's gaze (on the 11th and 14th), you will be invited to restore meaning to your stories and to push the cursor of your emotional ambitions towards the top! In June (the 3rd), let us hope that Venus will succeed in putting a little passion in the debates (and antics) and give back meaning and spice to your emotional life, which had been a little shaken up this spring by the elements!

In a Relationship both Saturn and Pluto test your loves while Jupiter invites you to grow within your family, or even expand it, or do everything you can so that everyone feels good and happy together! You will have to try to preserve or restore a warm atmosphere at home while sifting through your emotional relationships. Not a trivial matter but a challenge you can overcome if you manage to control your emotions and probe your heart to determine if your love story holds the road and, a priori, ... is a yes!

Single, between a thirst to live a love story and feelings that are not always easy to identify or choices that are not always clear, Saturn and Pluto are somehow compelling you this spring to do the cleaning up! You will not always take the challenges that they launch at you but it will be in your best interest to grapple with the recurring problems that you meet in love if you want to win the game and meet (and keep) your soulmate. If you want to settle somewhere at your ease, count on Jupiter to help you get there (mid-April, May 3rd and 9th)!

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This spring, Venus encourages you to evolve and develop your vision of love. Enough to live a love story up to your expectations or finally make consistent choices in line with what you aspire to live and build in love and in family!

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