Virgo, your love horoscope for Summer 2019

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Love: Core Target!
At the beginning of the season, you still occupy the professional scene full time but, from July 3rd, you will be mobilized by projects that you want to achieve as soon as possible. Take the time (between late July and August 21st) to ask yourself and consider the past year to take stock of your emotional life, to think about how to achieve your aspirations or to evaluate what needs to be rethought so that your loves hold the road. From August 21st, Venus reinforces your personal radiance, dear Virgo,, and at the end of the season, it sharpens all your appetites.

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): This Summer and Your Loves are Perfect...or Almost!
From the beginning of summer, you can not wait to realize the projects that occupy your thoughts. You want to evolve your bonds and you do not settle for lukewarm loves, without flavor. But your initiatives or your methods could displease and your intentions could be misunderstood and badly received. Do not impose anything on anyone or manipulate anyone to make sure we are not suspicious of you. Fortunately, from August 21st, Venus increases your power of seduction, it will be the perfect time to have a good time in excellent company and to get back into shape with beauty and appetite.

In a Relationship: nothing prevents you from spending the summer under the best auspices. Overflowing with tender projects and eager to give color to your loves, it will just be necessary to avoid being too personal around the 11th and 29th of July and the 2nd of August. Your desire for novelty within your relationship seems legitimate, it's your method that could annoy your partner and play against your interests. Whatever your desire for control, exercise it discreetly. Nuance will help you avoid clashes and spend your summer in the sun.

Single: this summer you will enjoy a favorable climate for your emotional life. Your desire to find that special someone who meets your criteria could be filled. In July and August, take a step back on the events because a lack of confidence or memories could pollute the atmosphere and push you to sabotage the loves in progress. Admittedly, it would be a pity.

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): The Best is The Enemy of Good This Summer!
At the beginning of the season, do not leave your partner in favor of a social life that will keep you away from them. Do not flirt at work if you do not want to disappoint. Saturn weighs on your loves and forces you to sift through them to determine if they meet your expectations. This is not the time to take things lightly but to know where you are. Avoid making plans without considering the atmosphere that remains dark or charged, do not play solo, do everything to embark with the other in your dreams. At the end of July, you will know what to do to improve the family atmosphere and your plans will be unanimous in August: you will agree with everyone. However, be careful in September: do not see too big because you risk sowing doubt in family and we will not appreciate your excesses. It's up to you to reduce your enthusiasm to recover the trust of your loved ones.

In a Relationship: bet on the end of July and the month of August to go on vacation and have a good time under clear skies. Stay alert at the end of June, in July, and in September: you may find that you lose your sense of measure. Between late July and August, it's the best time to enjoy your loved ones on vacation.

Single: you have great opportunities to break with your conditions towards the end of July and in August, you will be happy with whoever you want, including your loved ones. But do not go beyond your means even if you want to expand your horizons, to settle sumptuously or to close the ranks in family. You use arguments that are too personal, your enthusiasm is frightening rather than seducing those around you.

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): Nothing is Simple!
In full emotional change? Pluto may complicate your love life by bringing up unconscious desires and impulses that must be channeled and integrated into your personality. To better understand yourself and improve the quality of your commitments, avoid that your impulses, desires, or projects are subject to the disorders of your behavior. Clarify your intentions before going for a ride, take the time to talk with your loved ones and look back on your emotions in mid-August as a feeling of peace helps you to take stock. You will feel in harmony with yourself. In September, you will be able to live intense moments in love, make passionate encounters, and you will not be afraid of anything.
In a Relationship: you have been navigating in troubled waters for some time, between peaks of passion, deep doubts, and uncontrollable desires, wondering where you are and what you want. In July, do not engage without consulting your partner about projects that you do not necessarily control. Wait until late August and especially for September to reignite the flame.

Single: Pluto plays with your feelings, between certain desires that torment you and unspeakable temptations, your loves ride a roller coaster. Do not expect to see clearly before the end of August and September when you will not be safe from a crush or love at first sight.

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Summer is not easy between wonderful projects, the desire to improve your family relationships, and your thirst for a love that meets your expectations, you will not be bored. Enjoy this hectic atmosphere to evolve your bonds in love and in family.

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Please explain what "decan" means. Thank you!
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