Your daily horoscope for Aries on the 20th of March 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You're continuing as you started. Follow yesterday's enthusiasm and your horizons will widen. You're finding it difficult to establish limits and balance your energy levels realistically. Slow down and try to relax.



You'll find it hard to take yourself seriously today, and this will be greatly appreciated by the people around you.



You're going to ask yourself some deep questions, and this will make you more serious than normal. It's a need you can't ignore, but don't cut yourself off, stay open to your partner.



You will be particularly reactive and vulnerable to perceived injustices. Stay calm but be resolute.



You're going to put your current caseloads into order. You will continue your efforts constructively.

Horoscope for tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Virgo, in position 20 degres, 58 minutes: Sensitivity dominated by reason. Modesty, caution, atmosphere of neatness, nervousness, chattiness.

First decan

(21st March to 1st April)

Today, criticism will come easily, but the art will be difficult, so be too radical in your approach. Sensitivities will be heightened and you could ruin the atmosphere for the day with one misplaced word. Don't ask for too much in an abrupt manner, or you could discourage those close to you.

Second decan

(2nd April to 11th April)

It will be current under this lunar influence to tidy up, clean out and calculate. Most often, this translates into a great monthly clean-out of the house, workshop and garden shed. Others will place their relationships or wealth under scrutiny, but everyone will have a sort-out.

Third decan

(12th April to 20th April)

The atmosphere will be quite cerebral and encourage you to think before you act. If you neglect to do so, you will run the risk of being stopped in your tracks by the tiniest of circumstances, but ones which will be inhibiting. You would do better to sound out the road ahead before you launch into bold adventures.

Horoscope for tomorrow

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