Your daily horoscope for Cancer on the 21st of September 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

The people around you will be baffled by the distance you start to take - be careful not to isolate yourself. You've been treating yourself too much, and you need to watch what you eat! It's time to sort out your diet.



An irrepressible need for discussion will drive you forward. It's time to really put your cards on the table.



You're being suspicious when there's nothing to be suspicious about. It's not your instincts telling you something, it's the fruit of your fears. Your challenge is to overcome them to reach your goals.



Money matters will not be as boring as usual, there's nothing standing in the way of your shares.



Direct your efforts towards better and tighter collaboration; put everything into teamwork.

Horoscope for tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Gemini, in position 26 degres, 49 minutes: Lots of things on the go at once, conflict between feelings and reason, social engagements, phone calls, restlessness.

First decan

(21st June to 1st July)

It will be a good day for claiming your rights or any activity requiring talent as a speaker. However, in order to achieve success, you will need to shake off your legendary inertia and mingle with your peers. In general, good fortune doesn't just emerge from nowhere!

Second decan

(2nd July to 12th July)

The heavens are going to add greater logic to your reflections and you will manage to carry out evaluations full of common-sense, recharging your batteries before setting off again on new adventures. Don't let yourself be sucked in by the feverish atmosphere reigning around you. Stay calm and focused.

Third decan

(13th July to 22nd July)

The moon will highlight facts rather than impressions. It will be a chance for you to get back to reality without making a drama out of ordinary situations. Communication, discussions and exchanges of opinion with others will enable you to regain your peace of mind.

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Horoscope for tomorrow

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