Your daily horoscope for Cancer on the 17th of June 2018

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Your candidness is becoming more obvious and having greater impact. You are more inclined towards those of greater maturity. You are showing signs of calcium deficiency in your bones and teeth, so take action before it becomes a problem.



You gain brownie points among those close to you... Your sweet nature has a formidable way of convincing people easily.



Your emotions are calming down and flattening out. You're going to chase away doubts that were still bothering you last week. You mustn't hesitate to ask burning questions!



You will be delighted by the latest turn of events. Relationships are opening up new prospects.



You'll find it easier to create, transform, restructure or reorganise today. Don't neglect the preparation, however.

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What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Leo, in position 10 degres, 15 minutes: Receptive to appearances, spectacular reactions. Atmosphere of generosity, organisational skills.

First decan

(21st June to 1st July)

You desire to get a change of atmosphere and so will head off on an excursion or just go fishing. What a great decision: your responsibilities have been weighing on you heavily, and you need to collect yourself in peace and quiet. You rarely, after all, take the time to spend some time with just yourself.

Second decan

(2nd July to 12th July)

You yearn for a little newness in your environment. Whether it's redecorating your home or going out into nature, you need to freshen up your space and won't waste any time doing so. Under the guidance of your impulses, you will throw yourself right in without hesitation.

Third decan

(13th July to 22nd July)

You dream of traveling, of taking a cruise on a huge ocean liner. The blue sea shimmering under the sun's rays, you dream of big, open, infinite spaces. Daydreaming about getting away is good for you. You already feel more relaxed!

Horoscope for tomorrow

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