Your daily horoscope for Cancer on the 29th of November 2020

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Your rigid outlook is making you test those around you. Natural selection is in operation, so control your enthusiasm... You feel an absolute need to get the most out of life. Don't hold back, you need it.



Communication is fluid. The current is flowing between you, your partner, and the others. An ideal day to sign a marriage or business contract?



You will feel an irrepressible need to ask some narking questions to your partner, or to provoke certain situations just to test their reaction... Be careful when you play with fire!



You will be more persuasive than usual. If you need to convince people, now's the time to act.



You will be able to find a fruitful path to take. Now's the time to see what there is to be found, and to seek out interesting contacts.

Horoscope for tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Taurus, in position 27 degres, 27 minutes: A more stable emotional and material life, laziness with regard to habit, memory and resentment.

Let's dream a little more...

For each decan, the return to an almost normal life allows us to start again towards our aspirations, to redefine our priorities, and to evolve serenely towards a more fulfilling existence, with full knowledge of the facts.

First decan

(21st June to 1st July)

The appetites are sharpened, the desires become invasive, it is an atmosphere that encourages gluttony, greed but also crazy spending or unwanted lightning strikes. Know how to enjoy the tonic atmosphere in the sentimental sphere without plunging into excess.

Second decan

(2nd July to 12th July)

With this sensual sky, harmony and well-being are part of it! The atmosphere is perfect for you who like to feel surrounded and useful for those you love: invitations and exchanges will punctuate your days.

Third decan

(13th July to 22nd July)

A serene sky brings you the peace and sweetness you need to feel safe and to blossom fully during this day where you will share precious moments with your loved ones.

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Horoscope for tomorrow

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