Your daily horoscope for Sagittarius on the 03 of June 2020

Written by Susan

The Sun is conjoined in retrograde with Venus in Gemini. This tandem is square with another tandem in Pisces: Mars and Neptune. The risks of errors are numerous, in emotional relationships as well as in finances or activities. It is, therefore, a week where you have to beware of appearances and avoid blindly embarking on an adventure.

For those who will keep their feet on the ground, Mars thus placed will give a lot of inspiration and creativity, even if it happens in a certain disorder. For lovers, patience is required because relationships do not evolve quickly.

The astrologers at will inform you, support you, and seek to give you relevant advice. We're thinking of you, dear readers. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. See you soon!

Your astral forecast

Your need for freedom makes you attractive in other people's eyes. You're really coming out of your shell! You are more aware of your practical needs and will be able to turn these into an asset. You will achieve a better balance between rest and action.



You're thinking more about things, for the better. Sharing and talking will prove a real pleasure!



A wind of passion and freedom is blowing thorugh your love-life. Don't hesitate to give a free rein to spontaneous impulses... they will be get a warm reception from your partner.



The signs are favourable for anything concerning completion, seeing things off and finalising projects today.



Nothing will make you change your mind... You follow your own counsel, with a smile!

Horoscope for tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Scorpio, in position 10 degres, 59 minutes: Sharp reactions to challenges or provocation. Intense emotions, mental force, lucidity and seductive powers.

Let's dream a little more...

For each decan, the return to an almost normal life allows us to start again towards our aspirations, to redefine our priorities, and to evolve serenely towards a more fulfilling existence, with full knowledge of the facts.

First decan

(23rd November to 2nd December)

This will be a calm day, when intuition will prevail if you take the trouble to listen to it. It will be an excellent moment for starting essential discussions. Your mind will be lucid and you will be more focused. You won't neglect any details in your arguments.

Second decan

(3rd December to 12th December)

For many, self-appraisal, evaluation and examining your conscience will be a necessity. You will be aided by your definite instincts and an unusual ability to concentrate. These varied and very personal adjustments will do you the world of good.

Third decan

(13th December to 21st December)

The skies will be calmer and encourage you to follow their lead. With introspection and meditation, you will reflect lucidly on your achievements and your future. Deep down in your consciousness, you will discover new experiences to try and other challenges to take up. Focus on the details and you will make some interesting discoveries.

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Horoscope for tomorrow

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