Aquarius: your daily horoscope on the 07 of December 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Your day looks like being fast-moving. You will have to move around, but this will be satisfying. A discussion with experienced people will maybe prove that your excesses are harmful.



You'll need a break from everyday life, and taking one will bring you luck. New experiences are in store for you.



You stick to your ideals and the quality of your relationship will blossom as a result. The lights are on green, so phone him/her, have the courage... Festivities are in the offing.



You'll be able to find a better middle ground with your contacts - it's time to put some decisions into effect.



Your gall will be rewarding, today. Share your ideas on planning, and get your projects going.

Horoscope for after tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Aries, in position 19 degres, 41 minutes: Fits of fancy, fits of impulse, fits of gloom, everything is spontaneous and no half measures.

First decan

(21st January to 31st January)

Many will have itchy feet in many respects. This will be an excellent opportunity to mix more with those immediately around you, where you will find greater enthusiasm and goodwill, if you need co-workers, fans or clients.

Second decan

(1st February to 10th February)

Circumstances will be favourable for your initiatives and activities. Fortunate coincidences and miraculous incidents will enable you to score points today, as long as you take the trouble to be alert and available for opportunities.

Third decan

(11th February to 18th February)

It will be a wonderful day, filled with positive, contagious energy, which will incite you to action. In some cases this could include the wild card, but still with a conquering spirit and determination. It will be a very good time to set up in business.

Which color do you choose?
Green with rage, red with confusion, yellow with laughter, scared with blue, white like a piece of paper, see all in black ... - Click here

Horoscope for after tomorrow

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