Aries: your daily horoscope on the 25th of October 2020

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Your reflections are urging you to take direct action, so act on your ideas without fear of failure! Things are going well. You're more at ease with your body and are listening more to your basic needs. This is the path to follow.



You're more confident and at peace with yourself, and this will grant you many favours where your social life is concerned.



Be guided by your heart's instinct, and luck will be with you. Don't hesitate to put more effort into going out and meeting new people, while still getting the space you need.



Don't give up on the ongoing negotiations, but don't be stubborn. Let go to restart the debates more freely.



You'll get the most satisfaction by getting stuck in with group work, today.

Horoscope for after tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Aquarius, in position 24 degres, 43 minutes: Humanitarian atmosphere, fraternal, controlled emotions, sudden and brilliant ideas but obstinacy.

Let's dream a little more...

For each decan, the return to an almost normal life allows us to start again towards our aspirations, to redefine our priorities, and to evolve serenely towards a more fulfilling existence, with full knowledge of the facts.

First decan

(21st March to 1st April)

You could behave a little bluntly, throwing those close to you for a loop. If your mood has been a little unstable, try to get out from under your obligations. A little free time would do you good.

Second decan

(2nd April to 11th April)

A few welcome changes will arise in your day today. You will receive news you've been expecting for days now, and things will finally wrap up. On the other hand, don't flout convention. Keep following the rules and stay in contorl.

Third decan

(12th April to 20th April)

Your original approach will make you attractive to others, allow you to enjoy some success that should boost your morale. Whether in business or in your personal life, you will take unexpected action, though your methods will serve well your taste for battle.

The animal totem: the snake
Each month of the year is represented by a "totem" Native American, at this moment, it is the Sneak! - Click here

Horoscope for after tomorrow

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