Libra: your daily horoscope on the 25th of October 2020

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You'll be more serious than usual, and feel the need to focus on what's really important. Don't be afraid to show your flair for improvisation.



If you find that the debate is not moving forward, don't let your guard down. Be patient. Your attitude of mind is bringing luck your way. You will be positively inspired to make new contacts.



You are now ready to make concessions which will be good for your relationship. If you are single, this is a good time to get out and meet new people. Luck is on your side!



You'll make efficient progress with others today. Look to making alliances and partnerships.



This is a good day for development in the broad sense of the word and making contact. Go for it.

Horoscope for after tomorrow

What about your Decan today ?

The moon is in Aquarius, in position 24 degres, 43 minutes: Humanitarian atmosphere, fraternal, controlled emotions, sudden and brilliant ideas but obstinacy.

Let's dream a little more...

For each decan, the return to an almost normal life allows us to start again towards our aspirations, to redefine our priorities, and to evolve serenely towards a more fulfilling existence, with full knowledge of the facts.

First decan

(23rd September to 3rd October)

If you are invited to a party, you will be surprised by the relaxed mood permeating the place. There, you will meet people that hold no judgments, people you can talk to openly and simply. You will feel you've always known them.

Second decan

(4th October to 14th October)

You have a somewhat stressful day against you and will do things at your own pace, but efficiently. You will execute the various tasks give to you, easily making new contacts. The stars are on your side, allowing you to make progress.

Third decan

(15th October to 23rd October)

If you plan on doing some shopping, you will be drawn to electronics or high-tech appliances. You plan too on treating yourself to one of gadgets that make life easier and are a treat for the eyes, as well. You will really have to think about this purchase.

The animal totem: the snake
Each month of the year is represented by a "totem" Native American, at this moment, it is the Sneak! - Click here

Horoscope for after tomorrow

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