Aries: your horoscope for the 16th of August 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Nothing will dent your wonderful mood today. The heavens are smiling on you and you will reflect this around you. Your doubts and relations with others won't get to you, which more or less sorts everything.



If you don't take yourself too seriously, you'll manage to diffuse tensions. Thinking too much won't achieve anything.



Your partner has his/her needs, but don't ignore them. You have everything to gain by putting your cards on the table and being cooperative. This will be a fruitful discussion and bring you closer together.



You will have to tighten your purse strings. The overriding reason will be security.



This is the time to prepare for the most important future meetings and take care of professional links.

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Pisces, in position 03 degres, 05 minutes: Muddled atmosphere, disorganised, very emotional reactions, vulnerability, little common-sense.

First decan

(21st March to 1st April)

The climate is a little disjointed but easy-going and rather sentimental but do not promise anything you could not hold. It's the return to idleness, embellished with reveries, romance...

Second decan

(2nd April to 11th April)

This very emotional sky exalts all your reactions, for better or for worse. This powerful and imaginative atmosphere could also dramatize situations.

Third decan

(12th April to 20th April)

This sky encourages you to give the best of yourself and challenge yourself as friendly as accomplices. But no excess or imprudence!

Your guardian angel: Vasariah
If you were born between August 29th and September 2nd, your guardian angel is called Vasariah. The keyword of his energy is "rejoicing". - Click here

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