Virgo: your horoscope for the 05 of December 2019

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

The atmosphere is sober, grim and austere, and you'll do your best to get rid of this moroseness. You are under nervous strain. Recognise it before thinking that you are becoming impulsive, and act accordingly.



Don't let people use you. You'll attract lame ducks who will want to lean on you.



From the detached and friendly conversations, and crudely provocative allusions, your partner will be thrilled by the extent of the possibilities you are leading him/her to imagine. Between complete relaxation and extreme sophistication...



You'll have the clarity you need to choose between two opposing interests where your finances are concerned. Listen to your mind.



Taking a step back from what you're doing will allow you to rethink the technical details of your work.

What about your Decan today ?
The moon is in Pisces, in position 25 degres, 45 minutes: Muddled atmosphere, disorganised, very emotional reactions, vulnerability, little common-sense.

First decan

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Your generally discreet and modest personality will be highlighted by a moon which will favour all encounters and agreements. Your sober charm will touch people's hearts and you will be in a position to obtain a favour, receive a promise or see your strengths recognised.

Second decan

(4th September to 13th September)

All activities to do with the care services, especially thermal cures and all teaching related professions, in particular primary, will benefit from the influence of positive emotions. You will express yourself fluently and even with a certain convincing attraction.

Third decan

(14th September to 22nd September)

Your relationships will be made up of exchanges with others, solidarity, confidences and devotion. It will be a good time to find an effective collaborator, an honest partner or a suitable spouse … What will be certain is that team-work and shared projects will be well aspected.

Which color do you choose?
Green with rage, red with confusion, yellow with laughter, scared with blue, white like a piece of paper, see all in black ... - Click here

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