Are your signs compatible?

Written by Alison

In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and 78 possible combinations between these signs. So, if you want to find love, build a fulfilling relationship ... just met someone or you're asking questions about your current relationship then this love compatibility is for you! Whatever your sign and whatever the sign of your partner, you will find all the possible combinations here.

Love Compatibility of Aries
Aries needs to love and be loved ardently and live every moment passionately.
The Love Compatibility of Taurus
Nice, patient, affectionate,Taurus is full of charm with great qualities at heart.
Love Compatibility of Gemini
Gemini has a great need to love and be loved. Learn everything you need to know about the love of a Gemini, without further delay!
Love Compatibility of Cancer
Tender, affectionate, and sentimental, you have a deep need to be loved: learn everything here!
Love Compatibility of Leo
Loyal, sincere, and passionate, the Leo can fall in love only with someone they admire!

Love Compatibility of Virgo
With immense devotion, the Virgo needs to make themselves useful and help others.
Love Compatibility of Libra
Romantic and endowed with an innate charm, discover the compatibility of love for Libra.
Love Compatibility of Scorpio
The feelings of Scorpio are deep, intense, exclusive, and passionate: learn everything here!
Love Compatibility of Sagittarius
Sagittarius overflows with good will and great feelings in love.
The loves of Capricorn !
Capricorn is looking for a reliable, warm, and sensual partner: learn everything here!
The Love Compatibility of Aquarius
In love, an Aquarius needs to trust you and let you develop your social circle!
Love Compatibility of Pisces
Pisces is a sentimental, sensual sign, a happy mix that makes them very attractive!

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