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Written by Daisy

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How Does the Position of the Planets Influence Our Love?

The waltz of the planets is a complex game, made of shifting interactions, changing climates, and diverse forces in harmony or conflict.

The so-called fast planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars induce a short-term climate: from a few hours for the Moon to a few weeks for Mars. The signs they cross, the relationships they maintain between themselves or with the slower planets create beneficial or unfavorable contexts depending on the time and the signs involved.

The slow planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have a more subtle but more profound action. They influence the sky for months, even years.

The climate of love depends, for each sign, on these cross-influences, and the astrologer's work is to synthesize this information to describe what awaits you during the quarter: a break-up, strengthening a relationship, or a new encounter. The family atmosphere is also related to the state of the sky, including the race of the Moon, which distills our moods, emotions, and reactions. But for the quarterly horoscope, we will focus on Venus and Mars, the two symbols of love (man-woman, feelings-sensuality), Jupiter that induces benevolence or excess, and Neptune that causes romance but sometimes also illusion.