Around the Stars this month !

Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope October 2017 ! here, they are for this month of October 2017!

Your ephemeris October 2017
So, in October the Sun evolves in Libra until the 23rd, where, if it invites us to connect with each other, to find consensual solutions to the problems that arise, it will not be able to avoid major disputes and confrontations, which could burst and shatter a rather precarious harmony around the 10th. If we manage to calm things down a little and rationalize at least some of our exchanges on the 16th, we will, however, have a hard time avoiding clashes and a state of crisis that could explode into protests and demonstrations, the 19th. Starting on the 23rd, the star of the day migrates into scorpio where it allies itself with Jupiter on the 26th to set up and encourage certain transformations to operate (sometimes against winds and tides) in order to move the lines and begin, definitely, a constructive metamorphosis of our society and our lives. There will be concessions to be made, not necessarily sacrifices.

Mercury in Libra until the 17th will collide on the 9th in Pluto and this confrontation could well lead to heated debates, or lead us into a dead end. Disputes arise, reappear and may lead to open confrontations or explosions of anger around the 15th. Let us hope (the 13th) that reason prevails and allows us to engage in dialogue rather than close the hatches or worse ... to go into a tailspin. From the 17th, Mercury will evolve into Scorpio, allowing a revival of the debates and the possibility above all, of raising them and then closing the month on the right track rather than at a dead end.

Venus in Virgo until the 14th will try to put forward constructive criticism (the 3rd) and channel the possible drifts, in terms of communication and a dialogue that is seemingly a little difficult but will have to contend with an adversity not really determined to make concessions to reason, on the 8th. Watch out for the cooling of exchanges that day when a feeling of blockage and frustration dominates. Beginning on the 19th, Venus evolves in the sign of Libra, but has trouble creating and recreating bonds as differences of opinion will be important and the spirits, a priori, irreconcilable. A month where this tender planet will have much to do to contain our emotions and stem the dissatisfaction of everyone.

Mars in Virgo masters his ardor early in the month (the 1st) to make useful work on account of the surrounding reality. An action more justified, probably less inventive, but which should help us to move from dreams to reality. If Venus tends to excite a bit the debates and our initiatives, whether emotional or social, on the 5th, we may well run up against a wall and have to bring our hopes down around the 11th, when certain power struggles or power relations could well reduce our efforts to nil ... for now. As of March 22nd, Mars invests in the sign of Libra, where he generally does not evolve at his ease! Between the warrior planet and the referee, the zodiac diplomat, there is nothing really in common but neither do they have any opportunity to cause sparks or make a mess, at the end of this month.

Jupiter who was in Libra since September 9th, 2016 definitively left the sign this October 10th, 2017 to invest in Scorpio until November 8th, 2018. If Jupiter in Libra allowed us to change lanes and represented a period of transition between two worlds, we must now, under the pressure of Scorpio, traverse this new path. There will undoubtedly be some transformations to be made, difficulties to face and challenges to be met until November 2018, but we hope that our efforts will not be in vain and that we can soon (at the end of 2018)reap the rewards of a crossing sometimes stormy but infinitely a bringer of metamorphosis. Then in October Jupiter finishes his race in Libra, on the 10th, and interferes in the sign of Scorpio, oh so demanding and complex. Opportunity now, to start this new cycle with a bang on the 18th and the 26th, where the hot topics are approached head on and with a certain direction. This should mark the spirits and gain some success, in spite of a strongly present controversy that is, however, a little overwhelmed by current events.

Saturn has been evolving since September 18th, 2015 in Sagittarius and will not leave this sign until December 2017. Let us hope that by then we will have benefited from the teachings given by this rigorous but always fair planet to build laws likely to balance our societies and to channel excesses of all kinds (religious fanaticism, stock market drifts among others). In October, Saturn will try to calm the game and the spirits (the 13th and 16th) and put debates on the right track, that of reason. Yet, this austere planet will however, play the spoilsport on the 8th and 11th, where it will be opposed to all plans and will leave us no room for maneuver. It is up to us to follow these recommendations to avoid the warning shots and predicted disappointments.