Your seasonal horoscope for Fall 2017

Written by Daisy

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Under the tutelage of Jupiter present in Libra since September 2016, we have moved from one world to another. From October 10th, 2017, Jupiter invests in the sign of Scorpio, that of the great inevitable transformations to be made sometimes in pain. Scorpio does not compromise on the changes to be made in order to be reborn from our ashes and complete the metamorphosis! Let us wait until this autumn to face challenges and give it our all to turn a corner and open the hatches! If the battles to be waged are a bit harsh, there is no doubt that we will succeed in raising the debates and concluding them constructively. A season to approach, then, by rolling up our sleeves to make the best use of the potentials that it offers, without falling into the trap of a passiveness that could only numb our world and maintain a morbid status quo. Anyway, under the pressure of Jupiter in Scorpio, it is unlikely that we will vegetate but instead mobilize (sometimes forcibly, sometimes willingly) to widen our horizons definitely!

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